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Everyone should have their voice heard in the fight against inactivity

We need to get everyone in Oxfordshire moving, and our mission for a healthier, more active county has never been more important. Children's activity levels have fallen to an all-time low as a result of COVID-19, and even before the pandemic hit, 99,000 adults across the county were inactive. We will not stop until every adult and child in Oxfordshire has an equal chance at an active life.

We have launched a new Active Ambassadors scheme so that people with first-hand experience of facing and overcoming barriers to physical activity can have their voice heard. Our Active Ambassadors will play a key role in inspiring others to get active and drive forward change.

Photo credit: Centre for Aging Better/Peter Kindersley

What we are looking for

We're looking for local people whose lives have been transformed by physical activity, and who want to share their story to inspire others to get active, too. We want to create an army of new Ambassadors who reflect the true diversity of the community where we live, work and play.

Our Active Ambassadors could be:

  • People living with long term health conditions who help to manage their condition by being active
  • People living with a mental health problem who feel that they benefit from getting active and would like to inspire and support others
  • An older person who enjoys getting active to improve their physical and mental health
  • People facing barriers to physical activity - for example access to leisure facilities, cost of activity, equipment or confidence to get started
  • A disabled person who would like to share their story about overcoming barriers to physical activity and sport
  • A younger person who can talk about the difference getting active has made to their life

For me, being active is of the utmost importance, not only for my physical wellbeing but for my mental wellbeing as well. After experiencing limited opportunities to physical activity as a teenager, I decided that as an adult I would do all I could to find ways, both out in the community and at home, to stay as active as I can within my capabilities. I'm very proud to be an Active Ambassador.

Phoebe Gubbins (Active Ambassador)

What's involved

Our Active Ambassadors are volunteers who can get involved in a range of ways:

  • Share first-hand experiences on our websites, blogs and Impact Reports
  • Take part in web-chat discussions
  • Speak at local events and conferences (support and training provided)
  • Challenge us on the systems that can prevent people from getting active
  • Contribute to our future strategy and direction

What we can offer

We can offer plenty of motivation and support, opportunities to hear speakers on a range of topics, regular newsletters about our projects, campaigns and events, access to team briefings and the chance to be part of a powerful movement coming together to fight inactivity and tackle inequality.

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