Paul's Story

Name: Paul Age: 64 Local District: Cherwell
The activity you took part in: 8 week free at Spiceball Leisure Centre
What did you like most about the session?
That it was free! That gave me the chance to see if I'd like to go to a gym on a regular basis without having to
commit any of my extremely limited finances.
Have you seen any benefits since taking part in physical activity?
Absolutely! Shortly prior to the opportunity you provided me with I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I
was asked, by the nurse, to see if I could do something about that, otherwise permanent medication was
going to be the course of action recommended by the nurse. I was given 3 months and I kept an eye on my
diet and attended the gym for the free 8 weeks. After 3 months I returned to the Diabetes Nurse and she was
over the moon with my results. No blood sugar issues!
Will you continue with the activity and/or try something new?
Yes! I am one of your successes! It's just a pity that Spiceball Leisure Centre proved too expensive for me at
about £40 a month plus parking on rainy days (on fine days I enjoyed the walk to the centre). But I have since
taken advantage of the Fit4Less gym that is just down the road from me, is just £19.99 a month and parking is
free (for those days when it's pouring with rain!)
What support did you receive?
I found the Active Body Healthy Mind Coordinator approachable, he returned my calls and emails, he was
helpful, and I found the staff at Spiceball very helpful indeed!
What would you suggest to others looking to get involved in the programme?
Give it a go!! You have nothing to lose and a whole new healthy lifestyle to gain!!
Do you have any recommendations that could help improve the programme?
No! I say that not because I'm lazy to give this question any thought, but because the programme opportunity
worked a treat for me! I am grateful and motivated (I wasn't before). If I could have afforded the Spiceball fees
and parking I'd still be a member there now because I really did like the staff, the facilities and the