Active Lives Children and Young People Survey

As part of our work with Children and Young People across the county, we facilitate the distribution of the Active Lives Survey.

As an organisation we are constantly reviewing national and local data trends to assess the impact of current interventions and provide support to those who need it most when it comes to physical activity. The Active Lives Survey plays a critical part in ensuring we have an accurate reflection in what is happening across our county, and a deeper dive analysis informs and drives emerging projects and interventions to ensure we are addressing those needs.

The survey is sent to the sampled schools at the start of each term within the academic year. Both Primary and Secondary schools can be selected through the random sample, and all schools can opt in to complete the survey even if they are not selected via the sample.

The survey covers the following key topics:
- Levels of Activity
- At and Outside School
- Types of Activity
- Volunteering to Support Sport and Physical Activity
- Measuring Outcomes
- Swimming Capability and Confidence
- Attitudes Towards Sport and Physical Activity
- Sport Spectating

To find out more about how your school can get involved with the Active Lives Survey please contact