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Board updates to key partners

Board updates to key partners

Posted: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 17:35

  1. 1. Board updates to key partners

The board have taken steps during the last 12 months to meet with the major stakeholders on both a formal and informal basis to keep them up-to-date with progress on the transformation process. This has included County Council (leader and health cabinet member), Public Health, LEP, Local Authority leisure officers and the health improvement board

  1. 2. Network Engagement

A network meeting was held with 40+ of our major partners on 19th April 2018 explaining the new primary role and setting out the transformation process that was being implemented within OxSPA/AO. This was done in partnership with Sport England and has received good feedback from participants. A follow-up event is now scheduled for September 14th and we are committed to improve our external communications going forward. At the meeting we would like to facilitate consultation on the new Workforce Development Plan to be submitted to Sport England as well as our latest thinking on the Satellite Club Programme for the next two years- all exciting opportunities to help create active and healthy communities right across Oxfordshire. We know we have much more to win over hearts and minds and are committed to do so over time. There will be a partner survey undertaken through the County Sport Partnership Network in September to help us assess where we are and to guide us on the way. We will also be inviting stakeholders and partners to take part in our Quest Assessment IN December which will form an integral part of the new Sport England Performance Management and Improvement Framework.

  1. 3. Local Authority Relationships

After the networking meeting we held a round table discussion with the chief leisure officers of the 5 local authorities. This provided an opportunity to 'clear the air' and establish the foundation for a more collaborative working relationship going forward. This is currently being followed up on a one-to-one basis with the districts to introduce Paul Brivio and establish mutual expectations. We expect to complete this initial phase of work in early October and will shape our future thinking and work practices.

  1. 4. Senior Leadership Engagement

We are seeking to use the recent changes and launch of AO to raise the profile of the organisation within Oxfordshire. The leader of the County Council has agreed to sponsor an event to bring together senior leaders and influencers to discuss the impact that sport and physical activity has on has on many aspects of life in the County and create a momentum for collaboration and change. This is currently in the early stages of planning and we hope to make more information available on September 14th.

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