Active Oxfordshire Chair recruitment

Active Oxfordshire Chair recruitment

Posted: Mon, 08 Apr 2019 13:02

There has never been such an exciting time to play your part in getting Oxfordshire Active! Whilst we are the most active County in the Country, we also have big issues to tackle across Oxfordshire- real health inequalities and ticking time bombs around the activity levels of young people and the growing number of older residents.

The challenge for us at Active Oxfordshire is how we play a part in delivering change by working collaboratively with stakeholders and partners to deliver our vision of everyone in Oxfordshire being active everyday

So thank you for expressing your interest in the promotion of physical activity and sport in Oxfordshire. We know that physical activity and sport play a vital role in individual health and well-being and a significant role in keeping the nation healthy, by preventing ill-health and contributing to wider quality of life. Physical activity and sport can play a part in developing positive individual traits such as physical robustness and mental resilience, they can help prevent social isolation and anti-social behaviour and, from an economic perspective, active people take less time off sick and are more productive.

In this context we operate as one of 43 Active Partnerships working across the country to contribute to the achievement of the Government's 5 main outcomes for public investment in physical activity and sport- 1) Physical Well-Being; 2) Mental Well-Being; 3) Individual Development; 4) Social and Community Development and 5) Economic Development.

Active Oxfordshire has undergone a transformation process and now has a permanent workforce of 9 FTE headed by the Chief Executive, Paul Brivio. Keith Johnston currently chairs the Board, which has two Sub- Committees- one focused on Strategy and Nominations including Performance Management; the other on Finance, Risk, Remuneration, Audit and Governance. Active Oxfordshire has now achieved Tier 3 Governance Code Compliance as it currently funded primarily by Sport England. It also receives other funding locally from organisations to deliver work on their behalf including Oxfordshire County Council Public Health and the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. We are 1 of 43 Active Partnerships working across the Country.

Application deadline: Sunday 30th June.

See at attachment for more information on applying for the Active Oxfordshire Chair role.

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