Keeping children and families active during lockdown

Keeping children and families active during lockdown

Posted: Fri, 24 Apr 2020 09:29

Keeping children and families active during lockdown

It's more important than ever to stay active during lockdown. We know that families across Oxfordshire are doing an amazing job juggling work and home schooling at a time when our normal routines are totally disrupted – so at Active Oxfordshire, we're putting together some useful tips to help both kids and parents stay active and healthy during these uncertain times.

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Getting started

Once daily physical activity becomes a part of your routine, it's much easier to keep it going. Here's a few tips to help you and your family get started:

1: Set a family challenge – often, the more children are involved with decisions, the more likely they are to take them on. Why not set a weekly challenge to get active for at least 30 minutes a day or take turns choosing the workout?

2: Keep it fun – whether you do star-jump challenges, take on a space-hopper race across the garden, fine-tune your skipping or join in an online dance zoom-a-thon with friends, keeping it fun is key.

3: Switch the teacher – why not ask your children to teach you new skills they have learnt during school P.E. sessions?

Getting active – top tips and resources:

Here's a round up of our favourite resources to help both parents and children stay active:

Change4Life have great resources for staying active indoors also inspired by Disney. They have 11 online 10 minute 'Shake Ups' games and activities. Change4Life also have a page for accessible activities, including a further 2 'Shake up' activities.

The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks has started doing 'PE with Joe' on weekday mornings at 9am via his YouTube channel.

Cherwell District Council Youth Activators are releasing an activity video each day through their YouTube channel and Instagram account. Families who are part of the FAST programme has been contacted to what equipment or resources are available at home so that the Activators can design specific activities.

Instagram: @youthactivators

Parkrun have set up School of parkrun where they set daily parkrun-themed tasks for children and their families to try, these including topics of English, Maths and Science. They upload the task videos to YouTube.

Living Streets have created a webpage where you can find important updates on walk to school initiatives during this time of lockdown, including news and stories, but most importantly, free resources and activities. The page is for all teachers, school staff, parents, carers and all families with children of primary school age.

The information above has been created using advice from the NHS, Public Health England, Sport England and Government COVID-19 Guidelines. For the most up to date guidance on coronavirus, please follow the link below:

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