Staying active in lockdown: top tips from our team - Paul Brivio

Staying active in lockdown: top tips from our team - Paul Brivio

Posted: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 16:29

Staying active in lockdown: top tips from our team - Paul Brivio

We're living in unprecedented times, and our daily routines and behaviour have been altered in a way that we wouldn't have thought possible just a few weeks ago. During the COVID-19 crisis, it's more vital than ever to stay active and protect our physical and mental health.

Our fabulous team here at Active Oxfordshire will be sharing their thoughts, insights and top tips about how to stay well and keep active during the coronavirus crisis. First up is our Chief Executive Paul Brivio:

Who Am I?

I am a 61-year-old Type 1 Diabetic; a would-be grandparent who is trapped at my family home in Kent (but pining for Oxfordshire). My bubble includes my wife of 35 years and a long-suffering son (a semi- professional footballer) of 27.

Whatever the frustrations, we are very lucky, even though at times COVID 19 seems be very threatening. So at times I am apprehensive and concerned for people I hold dear. This includes my colleagues and my friends as well as the most vulnerable people in our society who I fear will take the brunt of this crisis when the invisible mist lifts. On another level, I know that the NHS, BBC, Civil and Public Servants and the power of movements like Oxfordshire All In have confirmed once again, even to the knockers, that they are the bedrock of our society. They will put it on the line to help us see this thing through- that is beyond doubt.

Incidentally, isn't it astonishing how exercise and physical activity is seen to be so important to our needs as human beings. Why does it take a crisis for us to appreciate what we have and need to function as a society? Let's remember that in the future like never before.

What sustains me - My top 5

  1. Look after your key relationships - starting with your family, your friends, your colleagues and your partners- people are the key to life and that is why social isolation teaches us so much about what makes life worth living
  2. Stay Active - well I would say this wouldn't I, but walking now is the simple reason I am not depressed, along with the work we are doing as an organisation right now in response to the crisis. Exercise/physical activity has never been so important. My 8,000 steps per day (at least) are my new horizon/my new reality/ the reason I can still operate.
  3. Connect - I hate technology with a passion and I am a self-confessed luddite, but what a boon it has been. We are all discovering new ways of communicating - but let's never lose the human touch!
  4. Believe in the good things - be half full not half empty- crises can make things better as long as you get through it. They say that a pessimist is an optimist with experience, but I don't buy that!
  5. Hardwire Change- this is a one-off opportunity to change things collectively and collaboratively… for the better. You do not know what you miss until it is gone! Let's light a candle, not curse the darkness

Looking for more ways to stay active at home? We've got some fantastic, practical tips to help you get started, including Sport England's new Stay In, Work Out campaign. Find out more and get active today!

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