Stronger together: supporting the Oxfordshire All In team

Stronger together: supporting the Oxfordshire All In team

Posted: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:58

Stronger together: supporting the Oxfordshire All In team

Oxfordshire All In is a superb example of joined-up, collaborative working in action – bringing our local community together in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

This amazing movement has seen exceptional growth in just a few weeks and now includes over 440 local community organisations, charities, support groups, public bodies and businesses, all coming together to provide vitally needed support, help and advice.

Its mission is simple and powerful – to connect a wide range of local organisations across sectors and create an approach that's effective, efficient and reaches the most vulnerable people in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire All In provides mapping of local support groups across the county, so that everyone knows where and how to get the help they urgently need. They provide a support service to these community groups so that advice and messages are consistent and create tools that help organisations work together more effectively. Individuals and groups can also benefit from daily bulletins, community support group forums and resources.

Active Oxfordshire's very own Josh Lenthall joined the Oxfordshire All In team in early April 2020 to offer his time, support and expertise and shares his experience so far:

"I've been with Oxfordshire All in for nearly 2 weeks now as Operations Manager and it has been brilliant to see such a connection between voluntary sector organisations and our local authorities in the face of the crisis before us.

The Oxfordshire All in movement has grown rapidly to over 40 volunteers all working to ensure that any gaps in provision that might leave individuals increasingly vulnerable are addressed quickly.

The teams I work with produce resources for Community Support Groups so that they have high quality information readily available. In addition, the teams produce a Daily Bulletin with the latest announcements, answer queries as they come in from communities as well as managing the social media presence and the website content.

If we can take any learning from Covid-19 I hope that it is how quickly various sectors have been able to come together in unison to support our most vulnerable people and I hope that this joined up working can continue long into the future."

We're proud to be involved in this exceptional example of a community coming together in response to the unprecedented crisis before us, and look forward to continuing this vital collaboration. To find out more about Oxfordshire All In and to see how you can get involved, visit

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