Staying active during periods of change & uncertainty

Staying active during periods of change & uncertainty

Posted: Wed, 27 May 2020 13:57

Staying active during periods of change & uncertainty

The loss of routine, in particular around those regular weekly activities we all look forward to, means it's harder to stay active during this period. Two members of KEEN Oxford, Martina & Stephen, share what they've been up to during lockdown, how they've been managing to stay active, and what helps them relax and switch off.

How have you tried to stay active?

Martina: I've been out with the dogs, which has really helped me as getting fresh air is very good. I've enjoyed the online KEEN Zoom sessions, I loved the online cooking (baking cookies), and the exercise sessions. I also go shopping to get essentials.

Stephen: I've enjoyed the KEEN sessions, in particular the yoga and the exercise. I get fresh air in the back garden every day, which is really important.

What do you do to relax and switch off?

Stephen: I chat with my friends via the KEEN chat rooms and try to talk to my family a lot. I play FIFA, and enjoy watching movies, which help me to relax a lot.

Martina: I do puzzles, which helps me to relax. I also enjoy the weather sitting out in the garden with my family.

Do you have any top tips to remain active, engaged and in a good frame of mind?

Stephen & Martina:

  • Get some fresh air! This can be in the garden, going for a walk (dogs not compulsory!), or just relaxing in the sunshine.
  • Do things that you enjoy. Films, puzzles, computer games, whatever takes your fancy! Definitely treat yourself during this time.
  • Chat to your friends & family.
    • Keep looking forward to things you are going to do soon. For me, I can't wait to get back to seeing all my friends at KEEN, at football, and at karate.

Other members of KEEN give their top tips:

  • Try something new! Lots of organisations are adapting to the new normal, and it might be a great time to join a new club, make new friends, or try a new activity.
  • A chat nearly always helps. Call your friends or reach out to new people. There are loads of people out there who'd love to talk, and help.
  • Routines are useful. Structure your days and try to schedule things for the future to look forward to.

There is lots of support out there:

  • Many organisations are offering interactive online sessions.

This includes KEEN, who currently run 11 virtual online sessions a week, open to everyone! Visit for more information.

Lots of live sessions happen on Youtube, and various other social media channels.

  • If you require any sort of assistance with anything at all, then you can reach out to different people for assistance.

Visit for help and assistance in the Oxford area.

Visit for help and assistance across Oxfordshire.

  • Advice and other resources:

Witherslack group are providing lots of free advice webinars with a focus on additional needs here

Find some great sports exercises to do at home here & get active with these videos

  • For simple and accessible information on coronavirus please click the following links:

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