The Mayathon 2020 experience

The Mayathon 2020 experience

Posted: Thu, 07 May 2020 15:00

The Mayathon 2020 experience

Keeping yourself active during the lockdown can be made difficult due to different circumstances, getting yourself motivating or even knowing where to start. Active Oxfordshire's Lucy Tappin shares the start of her Mayathon journey:

The beginning

So how did this begin for me?

Probably a lot like many other people in Coronavirus lockdown, it has involved working at my computer on video calls, emails, Teams and Zoom. My days revolve around what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the endless cleaning up and which route we will take to avoid most people for our exercise walk with the kids and dogs.

Being sedentary most of the day, my previously reasonably active routine of getting kids ready, walking them to school, driving to work and walking 10minutes to office has been switched to going down stairs letting the dogs into the garden, getting a tea and spending the next 3 hours relaxing with a book, checking social media, snoozing etc. Getting the kids sorted with their work and then sitting down to "a day's work".

Working in promotion of physical activity I am busy as ever showing people how to be active at home and how great it is generally for your physical and mental health. Supporting people who are inactive and facing different challenges to this, how and why, as well as encouraging them to be motivated to get going. Within all the challenges and fundraisers is the Mayathon Challenge.

The Mayathon premise is that you do 26 days of 26 minutes activity, it seemed something that would get me back in the habit and hopefully lose a little weight, get a bit fitter and generally make me feel happier and healthier. So, I downloaded the app, easy enough and decided who would be my buddy. One of the good points about this challenge is that you link up with someone, you do it in your own house/ environment but you both complete 26 minutes each day of your own choice and nudge and support each other. They say that people who buddy up are 3 times more likely to complete the challenge so thought those stats were worth looking into. Into the picture comes my mother in law Paula. She's been losing weight and was looking to be more active.

The start of the challenge

I didn't give much thought to what I was going to do for my 26 minutes and thought I would start off what I thought was easy! 26 minutes of stair climbing. I got in my sports kit, placed cones to count the number of flights of stairs, a drink, my phone to record the time and headphones with a motivational podcast about outdoor adventurers and off I set. Two minutes in I realised I may have aimed too high for my supposedly easy start. I was puffing hard, felt sick, slightly dizzy and my legs were wobbly, but I was determined that I had started so I can't stop, its only 26 minutes! About five minutes in my body settled down a bit, second wind some may call it. I couldn't help giving myself a hard time.

Finally, after only one trip up the stairs and what felt like hours, I had completed the time. I counted my flights climbed as 78. I logged my activity and how I felt (which was ok) and that was done. I got a notification that my buddy had completed a session couple of hours later provided by Mayathon through the Spotify app. We gave each other a boost with emoji's and a WhatsApp chat. I need to come up with 25 more activities, as long as you do 26 minutes in total any activity counts. I am much more motivated in the mornings so will look to do something first thing. I will also look to include the children so we can all benefit from the challenge. Still early days but looking forward to pushing myself and hopefully completing it.

Find out more about Mayathon here.

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