Who we are

About Active Oxfordshire

We are an Oxfordshire charity working tirelessly to help everyone get active, get healthy and change their lives. Through partnerships across the county, we increase activity levels, reduce health inequalities and make sure that people in the greatest need have access to physical activity and sport.

Our Purpose: "To focus on the people who are physically inactive in Oxfordshire and to change lives for the better".

Our Vision: "Oxfordshire will be the least inactive county in England by 2024".

Our Way of Working: To be a "backbone" organisation working collaboratively with and through partners to help EVERYONE in Oxfordshire meet the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines for physical activity. Our Three Pillars are Healthy Active Children, Healthy Place Shaping and Healthy for Life. These priorities are at the heart of everything we do.

Active Oxfordshire is one of 43 Active Partnerships across the UK, established to facilitate high level interventions to increase physical activity and develop sport across our community. Partnership working and collaboration is critical to our purpose and mission. We will work to achieve long-term change by establishing a common cause - a "movement of movement".

Why do we exist?

  • 1 in 2 Oxfordshire children are not meeting national recommendations for physical activity
  • The situation is getting worse: as a result of COVID-19, there are now 68,000 children in Oxfordshire who are not getting enough daily exercise and at risk of poor health and wellbeing
  • There is a significant inequality gap across Oxfordshire for both children and adults; our most deprived communities experience levels of inactivity up to three times worse than more active parts
  • 51% of people aged over 75 are inactive and 53% of those aged over 85 are inactive
  • 69% of people living with long-term health conditions would like to be more active

This needs to change. Together, we have a moral duty to act.

As we start to emerge from the devastating impact of COVID-19, staying active has never been more critical to protect our community's physical and mental health. There are opportunities: we know that attitudes to physical activity are changing and there is renewed investment in walking, cycling and running; but the crippling economic impact of the pandemic will further increase the inequality gap, and it is crucial that this is addressed.

Staying active saves lives, improves mental and physical well-being and reduces the burden on healthcare systems. As we move forwards into Oxfordshire's "new normal", our work will be needed more than ever before.

Find out more about our new 2020-2024 Strategy here.