Active Children Conference

Giving Oxfordshire children an active start in life

Learning and development event to help give Oxfordshire children an active start in life.

The 2019 Oxfordshire Active Children Conference focused on how schools and early years settings can effectively use their resources to have a positive impact on the attainment, health and wellbeing of children.

Evidence shows that active children learn better, experience better mental wellbeing than inactive children, are at lower risk of a range of diseases and develop important characteristics like resilience, determination and perseverance.

However with 79% of children in Oxfordshire not getting enough physical activity for their health we need to work together to improve the lives of those children in most need.

An exciting programme of workshops, exhibitors and speakers equipped school teachers, early years practitioners and PE leads with the resources, ideas and inspiration to make their setting more active.

Special thanks goes out to all exhibitors, workshop leads, speakers and Junior Active Leaders from Sonning Common Primary School.