Support for Clubs

Workshops and Courses

Active Oxfordshire offers training and development opportunities through the GO Active Skills & Learning education programme. We run a programme of courses each year but we will also organise workshops and development groups on request.

Club Matters

Club Matters is a One Stop Shop of support for sports clubs providing learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club whether it is large, small, formal or informal.

Club Top Tips

Club Governance

Please remember every club's situation is different and clubs should seek their own legal advice in order to make the best choices for their circumstances.

Inclusion Club Hub

A toolkit created by the English Federation of Disability Sport to help clubs to include more disabled people in their activities. It is full of ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive club experience.

Health and Safety Executive Guidance for Amateur Sports Clubs

Health and safety laws should not be a barrier to organising and running amateur sports activities that are an important part of community life.

Whilst the safety of those participating in sport and using sports facilities is paramount, the Health and Safety Executive advocate a common-sense approach to managing risk, dispel a number of myths and give guidance on how clubs can take reasonable steps to minimise genuine risk.

Sustainable Clubs

By making changes to become more environmentally sustainable, club energy bills can be reduced by 10-20%. This could mean an annual saving of over £2,500, which can be fed directly back into sport. A site developed by Sport England and the Pitch Sports Group.

The Community Sport Asset Transfer Toolkit

The Community Sport Asset Transfer Toolkit - At its simplest level, asset transfer is a shift in management and / or ownership of land or buildings from public bodies (most commonly local authorities) to community groups such as sports clubs. The toolkit explains what asset transfer is, the risks and benefits and detail of how to go through the process.