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Promoting Physical Activity in Health Settings

How active is active?

How to have conversations about physical activity

The fantastic national Moving Medicine website helps shape your physical activity conversations with patients/clients.

There are options and ideas for 1 and 3 minute conversations as well as more in-depth information for conversations with inactive people.

You can also find step by step guides, contra-indications and conversation guidance specific to patients with long term health conditions such as COPD, Cancer, Dementia, Depression, Joint disease, heart disease as well as for older people and those with musculo-skeletal problems.

It can be difficult knowing how to deal with concerns over exercising so there is a helpful page to help with addressing concerns of the patient

Remember when it comes to physical activity anything is better than nothing! And your input really can make a difference; 1 in 4 people say they'd become more active if advised to do so by a doctor or nurse!

How to find suitable local activities