Health Walks

Health Walks are short, organised walks, led by trained volunteers from the local community. They are part of the national Walking for Health initiative led by the Ramblers in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support.

Designed with health in mind they can improve both physical and mental health by offering a safe, friendly and supported environment where everyone can walk at their own pace and not be left behind to walk alone. There is also opportunity to socialise with refreshments at the end of the walk.

Health Walks are perfect for beginners, for those who would like to become more active or perhaps lack the confidence and knowledge about where to walk. Many of the walks have a variety of routes and offer the opportunity to move onto more challenging walks as fitness increases. However, there will always be a short, unchallenging walk on offer for those who need it and all walks are supported by volunteer walk leaders.

There are various local walks around the county and we are continually looking to expand the walking programme. So, if you enjoy walking and meeting people and have a little spare time why not think about being trained as a volunteer walk leader?

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