Our Mission & Vision

Our Purpose

We help people in the most need across Oxfordshire by working with partners to increase physical activity

Our Vision

Everybody in Oxfordshire is physically active

Active Oxfordshire Charity Number: 1179040


  1. We have been working hard with Sport England to align the direction of travel with the new primary role for Active Partnerships now set out and we will continue this process to fulfil and go above and beyond their requirements to demonstrate we are an effective organisation who can work together with our partners to deliver on our objectives.
  2. As we look to work more closely with local authority partners and a new range of community partners we think it best to set out a "Position Statement" at this time so we can consult and agree on priorities and the best ways of working over the next three months
  3. Preparatory work for this session included and a stakeholder mapping exercise
  4. While we have identified the key elements of our strategy we have been keen to ensure that the new Chief Executive now has the opportunity to shape the final document. The major components of our approach are:

a) Inactive communities

  • Following through on the recommendations of the Health Inequalities Commission around physical activity
  • An unrelenting focus on the 20 wards with the highest levels of inactivity working more effectively with Public Health and our local authorities to understand the work being done in these areas so we can effect change
  • Building relationships with non-traditional organisations working in these communities
  • Develop and implement a whole system/place based approach with local partners in key areas.

b) Underrepresented Groups

  • Build on and broaden the good relationships we have established with local organisations working with underrepresented groups for which inactivity is a major issue, in particular disabled people and people with long term health conditions who make up 20% of the adult population
  • Capture the learning from successful approaches (both local and national) in order to sustain the work that has been done (eg Active Body Healthy Mind, Wheels for All etc.)
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for further collaboration including strategic thinking and policy making around mental well- being, older people and, workforce/skills development.

c) Children & Young People

  • Continue to grow and improve the existing initiatives that help ensure our children enjoy an active start in life, ie School Games, Satellite Clubs & Primary School Premium
  • Develop these programs to increase participation among the least active and engage schools in our focus areas.

d) Long-term Health Conditions

Build on the cross-county work that's been done to establish an exercise on referral system encouraging people with long-term health conditions to see S&PA as a key part of both prevention and cure. This will be achieved by:

  • Building on the collaboration and learning gained from the GO Active, Get Healthy and Diabetes referral programs
  • Finding a way to focus this on the least active communities and make the existing program financially sustainable
  • Working with the CCG to explore how this approach might fit into the treatment pathways for other long-term conditions.