Healthy Place Shaping

Place is a very important part of our lives. It's where we live, work, socialise, access education... Importantly for Active Oxfordshire it's where we become physically active.

Place-based working is a person-centred, bottom-up approach used to meet the unique needs of people in one given location by working together to use the best available resources and collaborate to gain local knowledge and insight. By working collaboratively with the people who live and work locally, it aims to build a picture of the system from a local perspective, taking an asset-based approach that seeks to highlight the strengths, capacity and knowledge of all those involved.

Active Oxfordshire is planning to work in identified areas in Oxfordshire which have the highest levels of inactivity (as identified by Sport England's Active Lives) and the highest number and levels of inequalities (as identified by the Oxfordshire Health Inequalities Commission).

Sport England have also identified place-based working through their Local Delivery Pilots as a key part of their strategy moving forward.

Information on their work can be found here.