Older People

GO Active Gold

GO Active Gold aims to help those aged 60 and over to live more active lifestyles by setting up physical activities in rural areas that cater for all abilities

Age UK Oxfordshire's Generation Games

Generation Games are commissioned by OCCG to provide an evidence-based strength and balance exercise programme (as recommended in NICE Falls Guidance and Quality Standards 2015). Strength & Balance classes form part of the Oxfordshire Falls pathway - the ultimate goal is to enable people to be stronger for longer. People can be referred by their GP or healthcare professional to 6 weeks free this type of class. Generation Games run 75 weekly structured exercise classes, of which 31 are Strength and Balance. They also have a particular focus on providing exercise for people living with long-term health conditions such as Parkinson's, COPD and MS.

Generation Games are also committed to providing value for money as classes are managed on a cost-recovery basis. Participants are encouraged to continue beyond their free 6 week strength and balance referral, which demonstrates their commitment to ongoing education, support and promotion of self-care. 88% of participants have found that class attendance has improved confidence in their balance and their life outside of the class. The Falls Management Exercise (FaME) programme is recommended by Public Health England as a cost effective evidence based Falls Management Programme.

Strength and Balance programmes to prevent falls

Maintaining and improving muscle strength and our ability to balance is crucial to helping people live independently as they age and to reducing their risk of a fall.

Go to this web pages below to access the report and a resource page that is a practical point of reference to access the supporting information found in our report in order to help with maintaining and improving uptake and provision of strength and balance programmes in communities across the UK.