Oxfordshire on the Move

Working together to embed physical activity in everything we do

Moving more makes so much difference to our health, wellbeing and quality of life – but far too many people in Oxfordshire don't have the opportunities they deserve to live an active life. The cost of living crisis will make it even more difficult for all of us to be active as the days become shorter and weather colder.

We need to work together more than ever before to help our most vulnerable residents move more. That's why, over the last few months, we've held discussions and workshops with more than 70 organisations, groups and individuals across Oxfordshire to co-create a collective framework for physical activity, known as Oxfordshire on the Move. The next step is to come together in October, and start to grow a social movement to embed physical activity in everything we do.

Growing the Movement: The Way Forward - come to our event!

We're delighted to invite you to a unique event at The Story Museum on Wednesday 19th October. We can promise plenty of movement, a fantastic venue and the chance to make new connections & promote the work you're already doing. We'll also discuss how we can work together towards four collective ambitions that are set to transform hundreds of lives across Oxfordshire through the power of moving more.

Our collective ambitions

What do we mean by collective framework?

For us, a collective framework is a shared picture that helps us think, talk and act together to connect what is already happening, in this case, to embed physical activity more clearly and more strongly in everything we do. Some of what needs to be done will be straightforward or perhaps difficult but doable. Other changes will be complex and will rely on us sharing ambitions and strengthening our connections and relationships to break down barriers.

This needs to become a new way of working together towards shared, collective ambitions, rather than just a new strategy or plan.

Why a collective framework?

  • Everything is connected, change in one place needs changes elsewhere. The behaviours needed to increase physical activity cannot be addressed by individual programmes or organisations working alone, they need to be encouraged and supported in a joined-up way across the system. The YouMove and Move Together programmes show what can be done when many organisations work together.
  • The need for collaborative, distributed leadership & the opportunity to begin to build a social movement – We will need the active support of leaders across sectors and at all levels to adopt collaborative approaches to leadership thinking beyond their own organisation. Ultimately, we must build a social movement where everyone makes it their mission to get others moving.
  • The benefits reach beyond physical activity too – When we adopt a system change approach to tackle inactivity, we can also contribute to other problems too - collectively creating a better place for everyone to live.
  • Inactivity and inequalities are inextricably linked – The barriers created by social inequalities make it harder for people to be active. Furthermore, we know that being more active and engaging with sporting and other positive activities can improve well-being. If we are to fight inactivity, we need to tackle inequality

Your feedback so far

At the beginning of the Collective Framework journey, we asked you what makes an active Oxfordshire and received some fantastic feedback. Here's a snapshot of what you said:

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