In this process section we highlight how we approach Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Active Oxfordshire, and encourage other organisations to take inspiration to support them along their own journey. Looking back on our own journey, we were very pleased to be involved with the creation of the Oxfordshire All In Equality Framework along with other founding partners the Oxford Hub, Age UK, Oxfordshire MIND, Oxfordshire County Council and many others. This document is free to use for anyone no matter the size or reach and regardless of where you are on your own equity, diversity and inclusion journey. With 3 main operating levels of 1. Getting Started 2. On our way 3. Keep going, there is a chance for everyone to learn and continue progress.

At Active Oxfordshire we use this framework to support our journey, and the 6 headings outlined in the document also form the headings for our Action Plan.

  • Oxfordshire Equality Framework 2.0 (PDF, 6.4 Mb)

    The Oxfordshire Equality Framework aims to support organisations in Oxfordshire, large or small, by
    looking at how equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) can be mainstreamed into the work we do. It is a
    living document setting out good practice on EDI which organisations can dip in and out of. Most
    importantly, the information set out here is to help make sure the work we do is fair and free from bias
    and the people we interact and engage with have access to the support and services we provide,
    including those from vulnerable and traditionally marginalised and under-represented groups.


In this section, you'll find various resources from partners, colleagues, the wider sector and other industries which can support our collective knowledge and understanding. We don't claim to be experts on every topic, but what we will try to do is share examples of good practice in areas we are currently operating, but equally where we are currently working.

LGBTQ+ Resource from our Active Partnership Colleagues at Energise Me.

  • LGBTQ+ people are significantly less likely than heterosexual people to do enough exercise to maintain good health (Pride Sports, 2016).
  • LGBTQ+ people's general health is worse than that of heterosexual people (National LGBT Survey, 2017).
  • Individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ are more likely to access mental health services (Public Health, 2014).

They're passionate that this needs to change. So they applied to Sport England's workforce innovation fund to investigate the role the workforce plays, or could play, in supporting LGBT+ people to be active.

From this they've been able to produce a formalise research piece - which can be found here:

They have since created this resource:


In this signposting section, you will find other resources, clubs and contacts to explore specific topics further.

As a small charity we know we don't have all the answers, but the strength of our Active Partnership Network along with our Oxfordshire and Charity sectors, we believe there are experts for most things. This section should act as a helpful map to point people in the right direction to find them.

If you have something that could be added to this section please do just get in touch.

  • Oxfordshire Disability Directory Physical Activity July 2023 (PDF, 362 Kb)

    Sports clubs in Oxfordshire that offer a wide range of sporting activities for those with disabilities. Further information about the clubs and what they offer can be found on the club websites or on the Oxfordshire County council website:

    Please note: we are not actively involved in the delivery of all of these sessions. They have been curated through web research only, so it's always best to check beforehand by contacting the organisers of the session where possible.