Ideas that act alone rarely change people's behaviour.

People often face multiple systematic barriers to behaviour change

Healthy Place Shaping recognises the behaviour of those facing health inequalities is determined by a complex and connected system of influences, so a single intervention alone will not help overcome all the barriers that individuals will face in changing their behaviour. 

Influences on people's behaviour include:

  • friends & families,
  • community groups and voluntary associations
  • organisations like schools, businesses or charities
  • the built & natural environment in which they live
  • laws or processes set by local and national government.

Questions to consider:

How will this recognise, consider and address the wide range of barriers and influences on an individual's choices and behaviour?

How will you connect with other individuals/communities/organisations and/or policy/interventions from across the system of influences and barriers?

How will this work connect with other professionals or communities (across community activity, culture, health and the built environment)?

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