Fighting Inactivity

Physical inactivity in modern life is affecting our health, communities and happiness. But we can all take decisions that make active lives possible for Oxfordshire residents.

Here at Active Oxfordshire we're working with a whole host of partners to fight inactivity.

For more information please contact Annie Holden or Paul Brivio

1 in 2 Oxfordshire children are not meeting national recommendations for physical activity.

Physical inactivity is the 4th leading cause of death worldwide. (The Lancet)

67,000 adults in Oxfordshire have a diagnosis of depression,
that’s 11.1% of the population, and higher than the national average.

Physical inactivity is responsible for 1 in 6 deaths.

Physical inactivity costs the UK economy £7.4 billion each year.

£0.9billion of which is direct costs to the NHS.

69% of people living with long-term health conditions would like to be more active.

And 50% would like help and advice on how to be more active.

The number of Oxfordshire residents 65+ is expected to grow 50% in the next 20 years.