Fighting Inactivity, Tackling Inequality in 2021

Paul Brivio, Chief Executive on our renewed mission and purpose in 2021

Our purpose is to Fight Inactivity and Tackle Inequality.

Today, we want to highlight three new infographics that set out the critical issues of inactivity and inequality facing our community. We are sharing these infographics in the week that Sport England, our main funder has launched a new 10 Year Strategy Uniting the Movement - one we really welcome and support. This strategy aligns very closely to our Three Pillars, which will come into play more than ever before in 2021.

Healthy Active Children

Oxfordshire is a great place to live, work and play. But nearly 50% of the children and young people in our County do not meet the recommended 60 active minutes a day set out by the Chief Medical Officer. How can this be right?

You can click on each of the images to access the full infographics

Healthy Place Shaping

We know that inactivity and inequality also sit side by side. We must address both issues if we are to deliver positive change that helps us build back better and fairer too. The wider determinants of health mean that we have to work together across organisational and geographical boundaries to change and improve lives and help create active lifestyles.

Healthy for Life

Despite the fact that we are the LEAST Inactive County in England as things stand now- there are still 100,000 inactive adults in the County.

  • 34,000 come from low income groups
  • 20,000 are over 75- another of my ticking timebombs!
  • 24,000 have Long Term Health Conditions ….. like me.

As we can see from the story that these infographics tell, there are many challenges, but so many opportunities, too.

At Active Oxfordshire, we want to see positive change happen. COVID-19 has been laser like in exposing the vulnerabilities of the existing system and health inequalities too. But we can - and we will - build back fairer.

Here in Oxfordshire- the home of the vaccine that is lighting up the darkness – we know that Physical Activity has been described as a miracle cure. Let's inject more of it into the people of Oxfordshire who need it most. Let's work together to get Oxfordshire moving and make sure that everyone in our community can be healthy and active for Life.

We've outlined our 10 Ambitions for an Active Oxfordshire below. But we can't do this alone. Will you join us in creating a truly inclusive Oxfordshire, where every adult and child can enjoy an active, healthy life?

Paul Brivio, Chief Executive

Cover image from Sport England photo library

Our 10 Ambitions for an Active Oxfordshire