Funding and Development

Funding and Development

General funding opportunities

Sport England

Whether you are a village club who needs to purchase extra equipment or a multi-million pound facility that hosts Olympic athletes, they have a funding programme that can help you.

Check out their range of new funding opportunities.

The National Lottery - Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund distributes over £600m a year to communities across the UK, raised by players of The National Lottery. They provide funding for projects Under £10,000 and different funding programmes for longer term projects over £10,000.

Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA)

OCVA aim to find the best source of funding to enable your group to achieve its objectives.

Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF)

OCF provides a variety of grant programmes that help community groups and charities in Oxfordshire improve people's lives.

Oxfordshire County Council

Funding for community groups - information provided on how voluntary and community organisations can find and apply for funding opportunities

The Good Exchange

If you're a charity, Community Interest Company (CIC), social enterprise or community group looking for the more effective ways to raise money, try The Good Exchange – the only on-line giving platform with access to grants, donations and fundraising in one place via a single application form.

Writing a funding bid – top tips

How do you make sure that your application stands out from the competition? How do you make sure that the time spent writing bids is fruitful and well spent? By asking yourself these questions before you begin preparing your funding bid, you'll be better prepared before you start.

  • Do you have data and insight to support your bid?
  • Can the project you're seeking funding for be delivered? Are you sure that what you are saying you'll do, can actually be delivered within your current work?
  • Will this bid win? Do you meet the funder's criteria and will your proposal stand out from others?
  • Is it financially feasible? Can you do all that needs to be done with the funds that you're bidding for?
  • Are you communicating your organisation as capable and credible, with clear and measurable aims?
  • Have you reviewed your bid from the funder's perspective? Your bid's outcomes need to be in line with the funder's. Review your bid as if you were the funder to make sure you have a good case.