Promoting great coaching in Oxfordshire

Active Oxfordshire is proud to support great coaching across our county, so that people of all ages and abilities are inspired to access the benefits of physical activity and sport. We've outlined below a range of resources, links and guidance from partners including UK Coaching and Sport England, so that you can continue to promote the very best practice in coaching across our communities.

UK Coaching Duty to Care Toolkit

The Duty to Care toolkit equips physical activity leaders with the knowledge and skills to provide a great experiences to others, as well as support leaders to better look after themselves.

It covers five important areas of leadership (the five pillars of Duty to Care):

  • Safeguarding
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • Well Being.

Physical activity leaders take the five Knowledge Checks (about 10 minutes each) and collect the five pieces of learning for each pillar to demonstrate their thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care and earn UK Coaching's nationally-recognised Digital Badge. The knowledge checks are free to do: just visit UK Coaching website to find out more.

Core standards for coaching:

In order to ensure 'Excellent coaching, every time, for everyone', UK Coaching has agreed core standards that all coaches in the UK should adhere to.

This document outlines the core standards that you need to know and meet as
a coach. There are recommendations across the following five areas:

• minimum age
• appropriate qualifications
• appropriate insurance cover
• safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
• policies and procedures.

Minimum standards for UK coaches:

Code of practice for sports coaches:

The Code of Practice for Sports Coaches is an invaluable tool, adopted by many governing bodies of sport and employers of coaches. It provides an ethical framework in which to operate as a responsible, informed and enlightened coach.

Project 500

Project 500 is an exciting regional initiative that sets out to help address the imbalance of female to male coaches by recruiting, developing, deploying and retaining 500 female coaches. Research from sports coach UK shows that just 30% of sports coaches are female and of newly qualified coaches each year, only 17% are women. We can change that!

Find out more about Project 500 here

Mental Health Awareness Training

This excellent course is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to better understand and support people living with mental health problems, and create a positive environment that ensures everyone can enjoy the benefits of being active.

The course is suitable for learners aged 16 and over and costs £12.

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity - UK Coaching

Useful coaching resources

Connected Coaches has an excellent, free community for coaches which is an invaluable resource:

Sport England's Coaching Strategy: