Staying healthy for life

What's emerging very clearly now from the science is that we can prevent or delay dementia, frailty and the need for social care."

Sir Muir Gray CBE

We are moving less than we did and it's affecting our education, health, communities and happiness. Our bodies were not designed to live this way!

  • 17.8% of adults in Oxfordshire are inactive - i.e. doing less than 30 minutes activity per week. (Active Lives data Nov 18-19)
  • 67,000 adults in Oxfordshire have a diagnosis of depression, that's 11.1% of the population, and higher than the national average. We know that physical health is inextricably linked to mental health[1].
  • Two thirds of our nation are above a healthy weight, putting us at greater risk of a wide range of health conditions including COVID-19.

Physical activity is a miracle drug for many of the challenges of modern life.

We know that physical activity is a powerful solution to prevent and treat over 20 major conditions and diseases. That's why we are committed to ensuring that our Oxfordshire community can stay active, connected and Healthy for Life.

Together, we can help people live longer, better

  • The number of Oxfordshire residents aged 65+ years is expected to grow 50% in the next 20 years
  • 51% of people aged over 75 are inactive and 53% of those aged over 85 are inactive
  • 69% of people living with long-term health conditions would like to be more active and 50% would like help and advice on how to be more active.

Healthy for Life is one of Active Oxfordshire's Three Pillars. We want to make sure that people living with long term health conditions, older people, disabled people and anyone facing mental health difficulties can access a personalised physical activity pathway designed to protect their health and well-being.

In the light of COVID-19 we will continue to work with healthcare and social care professionals and organisations to meet the needs of vulnerable people and those with long term health conditions. We will refocus efforts and resources to address the needs of older people and to combat social isolation and increase activity levels.

We will help people to live longer better especially:

1 Those with long term health conditions/chronic disease and at high multi-factorial risk of CVD

2 Those people who have, or are at risk of, poor mental health and well-being

3 The growing numbers of older people to be active, engaged and independent to maintain their quality of life.

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