Live Longer Better: transformational system change for older people

We are facing a serious health crisis for older people across the country. The over 80s population will double within ten years, with the majority of those aged over 65 likely to experience poor health for more than half of their remaining years. The impact of COVID-19 is exacerbating these issues and makes this an urgent and vitally important problem.

Furthermore, a recent report produced by Age UK provides a harsh reminder of how our older people's resilience and self-sufficiency has been shattered by COVID-19. Sadly, the findings in this report convey just how frightened, depressed and isolated older people are feeling, with one in three people reporting less energy and one in four unable to walk as far as before.

It is vital that we act, now.

Active Oxfordshire is very proud to be able to work with Sir Muir Gray and his Optimal Ageing Programme to launch a transformational initiative designed to help older people "Live Longer Better."

Live Longer Better launched in late 2020 as a partnership between a number of Active Partnerships across the UK, to fully capture the issues faced by older people right across the country. By setting up a network with initially a small number of Active Partnerships and with Sir Muir Gray and Optimal Ageing, a powerful collaborative movement can be developed. This will address a population-based personalised system for Living Longer, Better and is set to reduce the need for health and social care.

This collaboration between Optimal Ageing and Active Partnerships provides a unique combination of skills and resources, bringing together the cultures of coaching, and health and social care.

Third National Event: Liberation After Vaccination

This really is first class - providing further foundation blocks for one of the most exciting movements that I have seen emerge in our sector over the past 40 years. Great stuff!

  • 96% of people considered the event met their expectations
  • 74% of people can be classified as promoters and would recommend future events to colleagues and stakeholders.

You can access all of the presentations from the event and a recording of the webinar here.

Get Involved

For more information about Live Longer Better and to find out how to get involved and achieve transformational change for older people, please contact Annie Holden, Strategic Health Relationship Manager or Debra Weekes, Live Longer Better Project Manager.

Debra Weekes:

Annie Holden:

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