National insight

Chief Medical Officer Physical Activity Guidelines

The Chief Medical Officer outlines the physical activity levels people of different ages should be adopting. This includes the different levels for Under 5s; 5-18 year olds; adults and older people and people with a disability.

Public Health England Guidance on Physical Activity

Public Health England have created comprehensive and well written guidance on the importance of physical activity. The information can be found here.

Sport England Tackling Inactivity

Sport England have developed a series of resources to tackling inactivity based on insight gathered from the Get Healthy Get Active fund.

The core purpose is to create the conditions for an active nation.

Health Inequalities Basket of Indicators (July 2019)

This data pack provides key statistics that can be useful to make the case for physical activity interventions in particular areas of Oxfordshire. It contains the most recent data at small area level (ward, MSOA, district, and GP practice) and includes measures of life expectancy, obesity levels in children, disability free life expectancy and depression prevalence amongst many others.