Getting my Mayathon Mojo back - Lucy Tappin on October Buddy Boost!

Getting my Mayathon Mojo back - Lucy Tappin on October Buddy Boost!

Posted: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 10:10

Getting my Mayathon Mojo back - Lucy Tappin on October Buddy Boost!

Active Oxfordshire's Active Communities Manager, Lucy Tappin shares her October Buddy Boost journey:

So I'm signed up to the Mayathon October Challenge #octoberbuddyboost, we are a few days in and I'm getting my Mayathon mojo back! I wasn't sure whether to get involved again but I'm so glad I have and I'm loving both the exercise and the bonus elements that it brings.

Mayathon memories

I was so proud to complete the first Mayathon Challenge in May, much of which took place during lockdown. With the family at home, I had decided that although this was my challenge, it was a chance to have fun together, include the kids in the activities and let them be creative. They embraced this challenge and put me through my paces! We took part in assault courses, 26 x 1min challenges, boxing sessions, sleeping bag gauntlet, WWE mattress wrestling and many more. I got to try different online home workouts recommended by Mayathon, my buddy and new friends made on twitter. I loved reading about what others were doing and how they were feeling - we became a community with a common goal, which was something that I felt I needed at that time.

Taking on the October Buddy Boost

Back to this October's challenge and the main difference is the weather! Dark in the morning and evenings and the days of rain. Luckily it's never as bad as it looks when you do get out, and if you decide to stay indoors there are such an array of home exercises you can do no matter your age, ability or interests.

There have been upgrades to the Mayathon app that you use for logging your activities and you can now have five buddies rather than just one. This is great as you feel part of a team, can send a boost to each other and motivate each other to get through the 26 days.

The great thing about Mayathon is that you choose your activity and your intensity. So whether its gardening, walking, a home workout, or sports activity, they all count. Having flexibility and variety makes it great fun and relatively easy to complete.

I'm determined to complete this challenge and support my buddies to do the same. After the May challenge I carried on doing 26 minutes a day for the following month but then slipped back into a more sedentary pattern, with much of the day home working and sat down. This new challenge has spurred me on again and it may not have quite so many crazy activity sessions as in May but I'm sure there will be a few to embarrass myself with, as I warmly reflect on uploading a video of me, a 40yr old woman doing the Floss (very badly) onto twitter on day 3!

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