Staying active during lockdown: our top tips to keep Oxfordshire moving

Staying active during lockdown: our top tips to keep Oxfordshire moving

Posted: Wed, 04 Nov 2020 09:09

Staying active during lockdown: our top tips to keep Oxfordshire moving

These are certainly challenging times. We're fast approaching a second national lockdown; except this time, we're faced with darker days and colder weather. But it's never been more important to find ways to get moving. Staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle is vital in the fight against COVID-19. That's why our team at Active Oxfordshire has pulled together our favourite ten top tips to help you stay active, healthy and connected this winter and beyond:

1: Meg Potter, Finance Director: Getting moving is perfect me time - I get out and walk my lively working cocker spaniel Tiggy each day listening to a variety of podcasts!

2: Lucy Tappin, Active Communities Manager: Try to do your exercise as early in the day as possible. It makes a good start to the day, you feel great, and can then enjoy the day knowing that you have done your thing!

3: Josh Lenthall, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager: Have walking meetings on the phone wherever possible. Unless you REALLY need a screen, get out and walk and talk. It also makes it much easier to come up with concise actions as you can't write anything down. My bonus tip: play Street Tag!

4: Paul Brivio, Chief Executive: Wrap up and get a 60-minute walk in every day with friends or family. 10,000 steps a day is a target to have but the important thing is to get outdoors every day if you possibly can.

5: Helen Mariner, Communications & Engagement Manager: Change the conversation to help you get started – forget words like must or should and focus on what you really enjoy doing.

6: Caroline Drake, social media lead: Set a goal and then tell everyone – great for keeping you motivated!

7: Lucy Disley, Project Support Co-ordinator: Remember Government guidance says, 'You can exercise or visit outdoor public places with the people you live with, your support bubble, or one person from another household'. Don't leave social contact just for Zoom, get out, get some fresh air and connect.

8: Annie Holden, Strategic Health Relationship Manager: Move more – going outside for a walk / cycle / run can really improve your physical and importantly your mental health. Activity should really be fun (and we need a lot of that at the moment!).

9: Matt Roebuck, Healthy Place Shaping Partner: Try visiting a street, park or green space you haven't walked down for a long time, either put a pin in a map, or use something like the Street Tag app to choose a new spot. Then, slow down, and appreciate your surroundings. We spend so much time driving through our neighbourhoods, that we don't always have chance to appreciate them on a human scale.

10: George Meyer, Physical Activity Project Officer: Make sure activity is a part of your daily routine and blended into the rest of your life, as opposed to being a 'chore' that you schedule in. Try to find a way of being active whilst doing other things or turning it into a way of relaxing by going for a walk.

We know that we don't have all the answers and are constantly learning, so please share your ideas with us too! For more ideas on staying active during lockdown, check out our new Go Active Staying Active at Home page. Most importantly, stay safe, stay active and our best wishes to you all.

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