2020: our round-up of the moments that have most inspired us

2020: our round-up of the moments that have most inspired us

Posted: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 08:48

2020: our round-up of the moments that have most inspired us

Here's our round-up of Active Oxfordshire's most inspiring moments of 2020:

Paul Brivio, Chief Executive:

I have three moments that really stand out for me in this extraordinary year:

  • When we were able to meet as a team at the Isis Pub in the beer garden, to discuss our key priorities going forwards. Our new team photograph is a great image and memory.
  • 100th Bike for Keyworkers Award - we knew then what a good thing we were doing- really making a difference to people's lives.
  • Launching Active Reach, thanks to Sport England's Tackling Inequalities Fund, and hearing some of the feedback from our partners and communities about the difference our community led approach is making - exactly where we are supposed to be working.

Lucy Tappin, Active Communities Manager:

One highlight was running the first face to face event of the South East Active Mind Network at the end of February 2020 - a packed day of presentations, team tasks and a real opportunity to meet people from different sectors, network together and opportunities to link up and make things better. The importance of this work was very clear and even more so looking back, as of course we didn't know that only weeks later COVID-19 would arrive, creating with it a national mental health crisis.

This year has highlighted how essential physical activity is to BOTH your physical and mental wellbeing. This increased publicity and profile has been a long time coming and I look forward to the challenge of maintaining this and building back better.

Rich Claydon, Physical Activity and Health Consultant:

So my highlight will obviously have to be from my Park Club days.

We developed a project in partnership with Aspire Oxford, to use physical activity as a tool for disadvantaged adults to overcome difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. We helped people overcome drug/alcohol abuse, mental health difficulties and unemployment using weekly exercise sessions, peer support and access to training courses.

Josh Lenthall, Strategic Children & Young People Relationship Manager:

My most inspiring moment has to be the Bikes for Keyworkers scheme, in partnership with many organisations and individuals across the County.

We were delighted to be part of the programme that raised over £20,000 and provided over 450 Bikes for Keyworkers across Oxfordshire. In addition to that, we have unearthed a fantastic relationship with Cyclox and the scheme in general has shown a blueprint for community led initiatives that attract a new cohort of cyclists.

George Meyer, Physical Activity Co-ordinator:

My most inspiring moment was co-ordinating the first virtual Healthy Active Children Conference and bringing together the most diverse range of partners, schools and organisations we've ever had, to make sure that every child in Oxfordshire can achieve their 60 active minutes, every day.

Matt Roebuck, Healthy Place Shaping Partner:

The Oxfordshire Supply Runs -- we took an example of good practice elsewhere and supported each district to do their own version with their own assets -- got good media coverage, which led to plenty of people keeping active and doing something good, and others receiving the medicines they needed.

Helen Mariner, Communications and Engagement Manager:

My most inspiring moment came just before the year ended, when we brought together our first Active Ambassadors to discuss their lived experience of facing barriers to physical activity. It was 90 minutes of energy, passion and sheer inspiration and I cannot wait to see where this takes us in 2021.

Lucy Disley, Communications and Engagement Executive:

My highlight was being able to visit and take part in Aspire Oxford's Active Reach sessions. It was great to see first-hand what impact the Active Reach project was starting to have on the community in Blackbird Leys.

Thank you to all of our amazing partners for your support and dedicated in such a tough year. We look forward to working together in 2021 to build back not only better but also fairer, so that everyone in Oxfordshire has equal access to physical activity opportunities that can change their lives.

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