What can the Olympics 2020 teach us?

What can the Olympics 2020 teach us?

Posted: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 12:06

What can the Olympics 2020 teach us?

What can the Olympics 2020 teach us?

Paul Brivio reflects on the stand out moments from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and how we must keep momentum going so that every young person in our county has an equal chance to enjoy a sport they love, and be the best that they can be.

I am sure we are all entranced by the 2020 Olympics.

A stand out performance across Team GB to be sure and across such a diverse range of sports. But what a good spirit too often led by the women and young people in the team like Sky Brown and the skateboarders. Some amazing moments - my favourite was when the two High Jumpers agreed to share the Gold Medal - what a great outcome. Lots of personal bests and great stories in those that did not win including Helen Glover and Polly Swann- true heroines in my book. This was a breakthrough Olympic Games for so called minority or new age sports, Tom Daley pushing the boundaries of LGBQ+ awareness from a very high platform and our first ever black swimmer competing for her country (long, long overdue). It just shows the potential and talent of this country when we invest over a long period of time and move away from a culture of fear and win at all costs.

From doorsteps to Olympic dreams

Another exciting development was the introduction of new sports that can be played on people's doorsteps, without the need for expensive entry costs or travel to sports facilities. Whether it's BMXing, skateboarding or 3x3 basketball - these are sports that our children and young people can enjoy on their doorstep, with their friends. This is the type of accessibility that makes the Olympic dream far more of a reality for our youngest generations.

Creating a real legacy from the Olympic momentum

The challenge is to build on the success and to learn the lessons of our own 2012 Olympics when promises to create a legacy for the next generation was just empty rhetoric. So given our success in the pool and in the velodrome why don't we commit to making sure EVERY child in Oxfordshire under 12 can swim and cycle safely? Can EVERY head teacher make sure that young people have a top quality physical education? Can every Club in the County make sure they are welcoming in new faces and providing open and easy access to their facilities and sport? Can our publicly owned facilities be open for all and not just those who can afford to pay monthly membership fees? Can we collectively change to make our County active, healthy, sporty and an even greater place to live, work and play?

The Olympics show us how much sport means to our country – let's make sure it is not a once in 4 years wonder and that our young people have the chance to enjoy and shine in the sport of their choice and to be the very best they can be. Then we are all winners.

Paul Brivio, August 2021

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