Move Together: why moving more can transform lives this winter

Move Together: why moving more can transform lives this winter

Posted: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:43

Move Together: why moving more can transform lives this winter

Why moving more can transform lives this winter

Active Oxfordshire's Richard Claydon on the Move Together pathway that's changing the lives of our most vulnerable residents

We are all hearing that there's a tough winter ahead, with pressures on adult health and social care continuing to be a major concern. Many link workers and locality hubs are reporting an increase in complex cases. We know that there are thousands of people across Oxfordshire who have been hugely affected by COVID-19 – a pandemic that has made local residents' existing physical and mental health issues far worse.

About Move Together

That's why Active Oxfordshire is co-ordinating the Move Together pathway in partnership with district councils, thanks to funding from Oxfordshire County Council. Move Together is all about providing friendly, personalised physical activity support to help people hit hardest by COVID-19 to start moving more. The support includes phone calls to advise residents about the right physical activities for them; activity packs; information about local community activities and walking groups; and advice about moving more in your own home.

The power of moving more

Move Together is a real celebration of the power of moving more. It's not about expecting people to join a gym or go for a jog; it's about helping people in greatest need take their first steps towards a more active life. And the benefits of this are significant – not just to our physical health and wellbeing, but to our mental health, too. Moving more helps us connect to other people and feel less isolated and alone – something that's crucial to embrace during the long winter months. Indeed, one of our early participants who is benefiting from Move Together's support said, "it's the best they have felt in years."

Working together to reach more local residents in need: Move Together webinar

We are delighted to be working with multiple sectors to reach those hit hardest by COVID-19, but as winter approaches and the pressure on health and social care increases, it's vital that we can reach everyone who needs us.

On 12th October at 10am, we will be holding our next webinar for health professionals, social prescribers, charities and community organisations or anyone working with people whose health has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join us to find out the difference that Move Together is already making to vulnerable communities and how you or your organisation can get involved.

To sign up click on the link to register your place on Eventbrite:

We're proud of the difference that Move Together is making so far, but there is so much more we need to do. That's why we're calling on our Oxfordshire community to work together and help our most vulnerable residents move more and protect their health and wellbeing. You can make a difference today, by signing up for our webinar in October or spreading the word about Move Together within your own community.

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