How Move Together is changing lives through the power of moving more

How Move Together is changing lives through the power of moving more

Posted: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 14:31

How Move Together is changing lives through the power of moving more

How Move Together is changing lives through the power of moving more

Move Together is here to support Oxfordshire residents who were hit hardest by COVID-19 to move more and protect their health and well-being. Funded by Oxfordshire County Council and co-ordinated by Active Oxfordshire in partnership with district councils, Move Together is shining a spotlight on the vital importance of physical activity, and the role that moving more plays in Oxfordshire's recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Move Together so far

Move Together is now supporting over 380 people across Oxfordshire who have been impacted by the devastating effects of COVID-19. These include people on the shielded list during COVID-19 and people living with one or more long-term health conditions. Residents wanted to sign up to help them move more, lose weight and improve their mental health, with 15% of residents reporting high levels of loneliness.

How are we supporting people who take part?

One of the unique aspects of Move Together is the personalised support on offer, recognising that each individual will need a different approach. The support on offer includes motivational advice and phone calls to encourage residents to move more; activity packs; advice about moving more at home; one-to-one visits and connections to local health walks and activity groups in the community.

Move Together in action: Maggie's story

When lockdown came, I found it quite hard to cope with not meeting people, not seeing my neighbours. I have a close family who would visit and use face time, but the reality is that you are completely isolated. For months and months I didn't go outside the door. I began to notice that my balance was becoming extremely wobbly and the muscle tone in my legs was diminishing. I really was quite worried that I would have a fall.

I received a leaflet through the post about Move Together. I was contacted by Hayley and she was just amazing – so sweet and so enthusiastic…really kind and supportive and encouraging. When I spoke to Hayley, she was so friendly and really just cheered me up. She made me feel that actually I didn't have to do very much to get myself going again, and that my ability to move easily would gradually return. She sent me a pack with exercises I could do at home and even from my armchair, as well as bands to help me with resistance.

I began to go out again and my daughters would come and just link arms with me to help me walk along, before I got my confidence back. Just to have somebody link arms with you is a really reassuring thing. You begin to use your muscles and your muscle tone comes back a bit. Things moved on and I did get my confidence back. My balance is back pretty much to normal. If you can't do anything else, walking is so good – it helps your balance and the tone of your muscles all over. That's really important because it makes it less likely that you will have a fall. So all in all, Hayley really has made things better for me. I think Move Together is brilliant. Thank you very much to the Move Together team you've really helped me."

You can find out more about Move Together here.

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