Sign up to Building an Inclusive Oxfordshire – disability access in public space event

Sign up to Building an Inclusive Oxfordshire – disability access in public space event

Posted: Tue, 09 Nov 2021 10:19

Sign up to Building an Inclusive Oxfordshire – disability access in public space event

Healthy Place Shaping Partner Matt Roebuck introduces the next Build Back Fairer event on 9th December 12pm.

Whether you are in planning, transport planning, parks, public health, or any interested member of the community with ideas, energy and passion for making change happen in this area then Active Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, and KEEN Oxford on behalf of Inclusive Oxfordshire would like to invite you to our next Build Back Fairer session: Building an Inclusive Oxfordshire – disability access in public space.

If you've engaged in the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods debate – from whatever point of view – I hope you've had chance to read Transport for All's Pave the Way report.

It's a report that has received praise from both sides of the argument despite its criticism that "in such a frenzied and high-profile conversation about LTNs, it is disappointing that disabled people, and their needs, are being homogenised and used by both sides of the argument to further their political aims."

One key takeaway from the report was that while many "disabled people [are] experiencing genuine and meaningful benefits from these schemes", equally LTNs create multiple negative impacts on particular disabled people."

Transport for All highlight "'Normal' – what we had before – was not accessible enough either." And "that a lack of consultation has resulted in opportunities missed to remove the many additional barriers that disabled people face to accessing Active Travel."

The next of our series of Build Back Fairer events will see disability campaigner and journalist Katie Pennick of Transport for All and a host of local voices to put not only Pave the Way into context for Oxfordshire but to look beyond one initiative designed to reduce the number of short car journeys.

There are multiple different barriers to different people not only in the means of traversing through public spaces but also in enjoying time in them, be they parks, paths or public squares. We hope you'll join us on December 9th, 12pm.

Part of the purpose of these Build Back Fairer sessions is to catalyse a conversation toward collaborative action. After our last event Building Pamoja: addressing race & cultural inequalities in Oxfordshire's public spaces we turned off the recording function and participants took time to reach out, chat, and agree to meet and create the next steps together.

We'll be doing that again this time, and so if there are any ideas or initiatives you're delivering in this area that might be made more impactful through collaboration with others please come share, or get in touch with me at

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