“It was good to realise you’re not alone.” How Move Together is changing lives

“It was good to realise you’re not alone.” How Move Together is changing lives

Posted: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 09:45

“It was good to realise you’re not alone.” How Move Together is changing lives

Over the last 12 months, Move Together has supported over 1,200 residents who were negatively impacted by COVID-19 to move more, improve their health and reduce loneliness. As the 12-month evaluation report is released, we're looking back at the incredible difference Move Together has made to so many lives across Oxfordshire.

'Without Move Together, I wouldn't be going out on my own…it has improved everything, it is hard to put a defining thing on it, it got me out of the house, got me some new friends to have a laugh with, Lisa is one in a million, she is so bubbly, I want to try and do it to please her as much as myself. I think for anyone who needs it, like I needed it, it is such a good thing' Move Together participant

Move Together is funded by Oxfordshire County Council and coordinated by Active Oxfordshire, working in partnership with district councils and many other organisations across the county. What makes Move Together so unique is the person-centred support on offer, recognising that every individual has different needs. Move Together co-ordinators in each district are there to provide each person with advice, guidance and motivation to increase their confidence about moving more and help them access activities at home or in their community. The aim is to provide people with a pathway into sustainable physical activity they can continue themselves after the initial period of support has ended.

Move Together: who we are supporting:

  • 83% of participants who have benefited from Move Together have been negatively impacted by COVID-19
  • 51% of participants have at least one health condition and 28% have two or more health conditions
  • 69% of participants are aged over 50
  • Over a third of participants have issues with mobility, pain and discomfort or anxiety and depression.
  • Over half experience some aspect of loneliness some of the time.
  • 39% of participants are doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity each week.

Move Together is getting people more active and transforming wellbeing:

  • 69% of participants on the pathway have increased the number of minutes in a week they are active at the three month follow up. 78% of participants have maintained or increased the number of minutes they are active.
  • 31% of participants on the pathway have moved from inactive (less than 30 minutes a week) to active.

Move Together is also showing a positive impact on participants' wider wellbeing. The follow up data on loneliness shows that 38% of participants have decreased their levels of loneliness. This is a hugely valuable finding as it helps to show how the pathway is giving people the skills to connect with each other.

We are delighted that Move Together funding has been extended, meaning that we can carry on supporting more people to help them change their lives through moving more. We want the last words to be from the people who can explain first-hand the difference that Move Together has made:

"One thing led to another…and before I knew it there was Lisa on the door to free me from my prison…because I was shielding. I have poor mobility. She came to the house to get me into it. Lisa is very persuasive, she is a lovely, lovely person, nice, homely, you want to talk to her' Move Together participant."

"I wanted to go out, wanted to start exercising, but there was a block that I don't believe in it…then Move Together got in touch with me…had this lovely lady, Hayley, she is amazing and persevered with me. She kept calling me, she sent me some booklets I look at every day, then I chose to do slimming world and got it free for 12 weeks which was a really good incentive' Move Together participant."

You can find out more about Move Together here: https://www.getoxfordshireactive.org/move-together

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