Celebrating 3 months of YouMove

Celebrating 3 months of YouMove

Posted: Thu, 08 Sep 2022 13:32

Celebrating 3 months of YouMove

The cost-of-living crisis is inescapable at the moment, energy prices are skyrocketing and unfortunately many of us are feeling the pinch. Programmes like YouMove are vitally important, particularly in times like these, enabling families that are struggling to still have fun and relax, amidst times of heightened stress.

YouMove offers free and low-cost activities for children on benefits related free school meals and their families across Oxfordshire. Enabling people to continue to stay active and have fun along the way.

By signing up to YouMove, local families benefit from low cost or free fun activities including swimming, badminton, tennis, activity packs and a wide range of community activities near to where they live. As well as being able to enjoy being active together, families are also supported by local Activators in each district who will provide lots of advice, support and guidance about what's on offer

Having just hit 3 months running, YouMove is already making a significant impact:



The future of YouMove is to continue to make low-cost activities accessible to families who are struggling and often facing inequalities. Providing families with ideas, opportunities and choice of ways to stay active with their families. Being active made easy!

We're proud of what we have achieved so far with YouMove and are looking forward to developing and strengthening relationships with local organisations, activity and leisure providers, district partners and most importantly, increasing the numbers of families enjoying being active. We have linked with Gloji, Oral health, Food services, Nourish and Flourish and many other programmes and are looking to work together across Oxfordshire to make sure that we reach and support as many families as possible.


There is much work still to do. We are working hard with the leisure providers to create a smooth sign-up process, accessibility and understanding of the offer, however the figures are heading in the right direction and the feedback we're hearing from families engaged has been positive.

YouMove is funded by Oxfordshire County Council Public Health and co-ordinated by Active Oxfordshire, in partnership with district councils. Local charities and community organisations will also play a key role in referring into YouMove and providing many of the community-based activities on offer. YouMove builds on the fantastic work of Cherwell District Council's FAST Programme and is set to make a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of Oxfordshire's children in greatest need, and their families.


If you would like to find out more about YouMove, look here.

You can contact your local Activators via the numbers below:

07801 203571: Vale of White Horse

07717 225679: South Oxfordshire

01295 221980: Cherwell

01993 861561: West Oxfordshire

07485 311346: Oxford City

If you have any feedback, drop Lucy an email lucytappin@activeoxfordshire.org

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