Move Together: celebrating 12 months of collective impact across Oxfordshire

Move Together: celebrating 12 months of collective impact across Oxfordshire

Posted: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 10:00

Move Together: celebrating 12 months of collective impact across Oxfordshire

ImageSince April 2022, Move Together has supported over 1,700 people in Oxfordshire and has played a significant role in helping residents with long term health conditions to move more and improve their physical and mental health. With the release of our latest 12-month report, we are taking this moment to reflect on and celebrate the positive impact Move Together has made.

Move Together is funded by Oxfordshire County Council Public Health and the Integrated Care Board Inequalities Fund, and Active Oxfordshire has worked in partnership with district councils and many other organisations across the county since 2021 to support residents to move more. The programme provides a pathway for those with long-term or mental health conditions, those at risk of falls, and those struggling with pain, who would benefit from increasing their activity levels.

The beauty of Move Together is how it's specifically tailored to the individual, their conditions, needs, goals and preferences. The Move Together co-ordinators in each district council provide guidance and advice, signpost to suitable activities, and offers support and motivation.

Who is Move Together helping?

  • Over 1,700 individuals over the past year
  • Double the number of monthly referrals compared to the previous year
  • 76% of participants have at least one long-term health condition
  • 31% have a mental health condition
  • 68% of those having an initial assessment were inactive (less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week), and 83% were not achieving the recommended activity levels (150 minutes moderate exercise per week)

What impact has Move Together made?

  • 90% of those who took an initial assessment continued with the Move Together pathway
  • 54% of participants report that the perception of their health improved
  • 63% of participants increased their activity levels
  • Across all participants, the average increase in activity was an extra 90 minutes per week
  • Across participants with increased activity, the average weekly increase was 280 minutes per week
  • 57 GP practices have referred to Move Together, and nearly 60% of referrals have been made by healthcare professionals

The Move Together co-ordinators have made over 8,300 sign-postings to over 385 different activities, ranging from walking groups to leisure centres, gyms and sports clubs, from online and app-based activities to social groups and mental health services.

Move Together has supported participants in transformative and life-changing ways, and participants have told us about some of the significant long-term impacts; management of pain and health conditions, improvements in sleep and healthy eating, weight management, boosts in energy levels, confidence, mood, and self-esteem, and increase in socialising.


Move Together in action

One participant, aged 33, had experienced significant weight gain and expressed concerns about their long-term health. They also struggled with low mood and low self-esteem.

At the start of their programme, they started off doing 20 minutes of light exercise weekly. By their third month with Move Together, they were walking for 45 minutes and exercising with resistance bands daily and jogging twice a week. The participant noticed how the increase in physical activity affected other aspects of their life:

"I am feeling more positive and can't wait to start my day. I am sleeping much better which has allowed me to get up earlier and fit more into my day."

The case studies and feedback from Move Together participants over the past year demonstrate the significant impact of physical activity and how powerfully other aspects of life can improve as a result. To read more case studies, please download the full annual report.

Thank you to Oxfordshire County Council and the Integrated Care Board for supporting this vital programme. To find out more about Move Together, please visit

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