Physical Activity as you get older

Image from Department of Health/Make Sport Fun

Image from Department of Health/Make Sport Fun

Active Oxfordshire works with partners to support older people in Oxfordshire to be more active and enjoy the benefits of regularly taking part in physical activity and sport.

As we age, we become less active. Physical activity and exercise can help people stay healthy, energetic and independent as they get older. Proportions of inactivity rise sharply between the age groups of 55-74 and 75+ with 32% of those aged 75 and over, doing no physical activity at all.

This situation has become much worse as a result of COVID-19. A new report from Age UK shows that:

  • One in three older people have less energy
  • One in four older people are unable to walk as far as before
  • One in five older people feel less steady on their feet

You can access the full report here.

Our key initiatives: helping older people stay active

Healthy Active Adults is one of Active Oxfordshire's three strategic priorities. We want to make sure that older people can access a personalised physical activity pathway designed to protect their health and well-being.

We work closely with a wide range of organisations to make sure that older people in Oxfordshire are not left behind, and can enjoy an active and healthy life. This includes launching key campaigns such as Share your Warmth alongside Age UK Oxfordshire, asking people to donate their winter fuel allowance, with funds going towards targeted activities for older people.

In late 2020, we were delighted to launch a new initiative known as Live Longer Better, working with Sir Muir Gray, Optimal Ageing and Active Partnerships across the country to achieve a long-term, transformational step change in helping older people achieve an active life.