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About Oxfordshire on the Move

What is Oxfordshire on the Move?

Oxfordshire on the Move is a new social movement designed to bring together people, organisations and communities to help transform lives through physical activity.

Moving more makes so much difference to our health, wellbeing and quality of life – but far too many people in Oxfordshire don't have the opportunities they deserve to live an active life. The cost of living crisis will make it even more difficult for all of us to be active, and existing health inequalities are at risk of becoming far worse if we don't act now.

That's why, over the last few months, we've held discussions and workshops with more than 70 organisations, groups and individuals across Oxfordshire to co-create a social movement for physical activity, known as Oxfordshire on the Move.

"I fully support Oxfordshire on the Move as a new social movement for our county. By working collaboratively towards Oxfordshire on the Move's ambitions, we have a real opportunity to tackle some of the most entrenched health inequalities facing our communities. Helping residents to become more active will prevent a wide range of health conditions, improve mental wellbeing, strengthen community cohesion and reduce loneliness.

This is a powerful agenda to take forward together and is set to make a real difference to Oxfordshire's health and wellbeing."

Ansaf Azhar (Director of Public Health for Oxfordshire)

Why now?

  • In Oxfordshire's richest areas, 80% of children can swim by the time they leave primary school. But in our county's most deprived areas this falls to less than 10%.
  • 16,000 young people in Oxfordshire are estimated to have a mental health disorder
  • 45% of people over 75 are inactive
  • Falls are the largest cause of hospital admissions for older people, and significantly impact on long-term health outcomes. The rate of hospital admissions due to falls is higher in Oxfordshire than the national average.
  • A child born in Blackbird Leys can expect to live 13 years less than a child born in the most affluent parts of Oxfordshire

Helping our residents in most need to move more can make a huge, lasting difference to their health, wellbeing and life chances. We know there's already a huge amount of fantastic work taking place to get Oxfordshire moving more, and now we need to harness this activity, strengthen connections and work together to help create a happier, healthier and more equal county.

One of the most important parts of Oxfordshire on the Move's development has been to co-create four key ambitions, which are set to transform thousands of lives across the county through the power of moving more.

Using Oxfordshire on the Move to support our county's recovery and wellbeing