Partner Testimonials

What our partners say

Partner feedback on Oxfordshire on the Move in 2023:

"I really valued the development process and the collaboration and seeing the number of people and organisations who have been involved is a good testimony to the relationships that AO has cultivated across the county. It should be commended in terms of how it enables people to generate ideas."

"OOTM has helped us to shape the delivery of the Move Together PA pathway and collectively target specific audiences in need, e.g., Falls prevention / Stay Strong & Steady. Whilst also making the pathway work better based on feedback from those involved."

"OOTM has enabled more connections with partners and more collaboration. I have joined a falls prevention campaign working group which are meeting face-to-face later this month."

As a result of OOTM..."We are now considering how we can work with planning and infrastructure. There is a real shift in terms of the breadth of teams we consider to have a role in supporting physical activity."

Gosford All Blacks: inclusive sports sessions

We would not have been able to set up and run our inclusive sessions without the support and guidance that Active Oxfordshire has been able to offer. The fact that we feel strongly to continue to grow this relationship shows the strength of the narrative to the amazing job this small organisation is offering- they truly are making a difference and punching way above their weight.

I have over 30 parents and children through this year that would undoubtedly agree. This support now encompasses three clubs within Oxfordshire and others further afield. We will continue to try our best to grow our vision of providing an inclusive environment, to make it just another standard group that all clubs offer.

Darren Rea (Gosford All Blacks)

Headlines from our Partner Survey in 2022:

What has gone well in working together during 2022:

"Involvement with Active Oxfordshire has shown that they view the challenge of getting people active as a long-term one that requires continued effort, investment and coordination"

"Support for embedding Healthy Place Shaping in West Oxfordshire and developing and delivery of programme of interventions"

"Positive discussions at a strategic level - the Oxfordshire Way and VCS partnerships."

Bikes for Key Workers

We have all been delighted to be part of the (Bikes for Key Workers) project and have been so surprised and pleased at the response in terms of donations of bikes and money. It has been such a great initiative for Cyclox to get involved in and it has expanded our horizons hugely, both in terms of our connections (with Active Oxfordshire in particular) and with our strategic direction now we have become a charity.

Alison Hill, Chair of Cyclox