Active Partnership Network's Racial Inequality Commitment

Two years on from the shocking death of George Floyd we have as a society, and sector started to recognise small margins of progress in tackling racial inequality and racism. Hear from our Chief Executive Paul Brivio reinforcing our commitment to the cause below:

"It remains our priority to address the issues preventing people from leading active lives & enjoying the benefits of physical activity.

Not only have we remained committed to the Active Partnerships network commitments to racial inequality, we have looked at how we can best support issues within our own county, and to support those who face barriers on a daily basis in our communities. We know only too well from the world of sport that there is much to do simply to create a level playing field for people of all talents and all abilities.

The Yorkshire Cricket case and the way Azeem Rafiq was treated shows us that racism exists and has to tackled head on. Cricket is in the spotlight but most people would acknowledge that similar issues and challenges exist across all sports and the whole of our society.

We have to come together to promote fairness and social justice - to understand that what unites us is far more powerful than the things that divide us and that diversity is powerful, creative and positive when allowed to flourish.

We can do our bit - whether this is through supporting our Active Ambassadors on projects which highlight swim inequalities amongst black communities, or attending Equity, Diversity and Inclusion sessions with like minded organisations, to hear about the challenges and solutions others are facing and implementing to tackle inequality.

We have made internal commitments and priorities to focus on our development as an organisation, but also the interventions, programmes and work we put out across the county, are focused on driving equitable support to the people who need it the most.

We have a long way to go to addressing racial inequalities in all stages of society, but we are pleased with the progress the topic of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has made and is at the forefront of a lot of conversations and a lot of work across our county. But we need to work together as a community and as a society to effect real change.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all the organisations and people who have engaged with us on these topics over the past two years and to all those we hope to work with in the future to keep tackling racial inequality.

We have a lot more to do..."

Whilst it is important to recognise the progress we have made, Active Oxfordshire remains committed to listening and empowering the communities it serves. If you'd like to discuss how Active Oxfordshire can continue to be an ally for inclusion and diversity, please do email