Reporting A Concern

Don't delay, report concerns

It is not your responsibility to decide whether abuse or bullying is taking, or has taken place. It is your responsibility to report concerns in order that the appropriate agencies can make enquiries and take any necessary action to protect a child or young person.

The discovery that someone is or may be at risk from abuse will raise strong emotions and concerns. You should never delay reporting your concerns and allegations made by children, young people or adults, particularly those that are vulnerable, must never be dismissed.

Knowing when to report concerns about an adult is a little more complicated due to their right to withhold consent for you to share information about them but in most cases it will still be appropriate to share your concerns with others. The information above sets out simple steps of how to report a concern.

Active Oxfordshire has Designated Safeguarding Officers. If you are worried about the safety of child or vulnerable adult taking part in an activity run by the Active Oxfordshire, or in another sporting environment, contact us using the details below or call the main office line on 07741733775.

Alternatively there are a number of other organisations that can give support.

Josh Lenthall

Josh Lenthall

Senior Strategic Relationship Manager

Active Oxfordshire

Josh joined Active Oxfordshire in Summer 2016, in the role of Youth Sport Officer, coordinating the Oxfordshire School Games and delivering events on behalf of Active Oxfordshire. Since then Josh has fulfilled the role of Youth Sport Manager and now leads on the Children & Young People work of Active Oxfordshire as well as Safeguarding.

Before joining Active Oxfordshire, Josh worked in delivering Physical Education and coaching to young people across the Thames Valley.

Favourite Motto: Aude Sapere – Dare to be Wise

Hero or Heroine: As a Welshman growing up in rural Devon, Scott Gibbs' try in the 1999 5Nations to prevent an England Grand Slam gave me a few months of bragging rights.

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