Reporting A Concern

For members of the public

Safeguarding is not an emergency service so if someone requires immediate protection because they are being harmed, call the Police on 999.

You can raise a non-immediate concern about a child or adult over the phone by calling 0345 050 7666 during office hours (8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am – 4pm, Friday)

Outside office hours call the Emergency Duty Team on 0800 833 408

Reporting a Adult Safeguarding concern online:

Please visit Oxfordshire County Council's Raising a Safeguarding Concern page. This form will ask you a number of questions about the person you are concerned about, whether it's yourself, a friend or neighbour.

Once you have completed the form, someone from the Adult Safeguarding Team should contact you within three working days to discuss your concerns.

For professionals

The Locality and Community Support Service (LCSS) provides advice and guidance to universal professional partner agencies including schools, health and voluntary and community groups, across Oxfordshire when emerging concerns are raised for children that do not require an immediate safeguarding response.

The LCSS are the first point of contact where non-immediate safeguarding concerns are identified.

For further details:

It is not your responsibility to decide whether abuse or bullying is taking, or has taken place. It is your responsibility to report concerns in order that the appropriate agencies can make enquiries and take any necessary action to protect a child or young person.

The discovery that someone is or may be at risk from abuse will raise strong emotions and concerns. You should never delay reporting your concerns and allegations made by children, young people or adults, particularly those that are vulnerable, must never be dismissed.

Knowing when to report concerns about an adult is a little more complicated due to their right to withhold consent for you to share information about them but in most cases it will still be appropriate to share your concerns with others.

Active Oxfordshire has Designated Safeguarding Officers.

If you are worried about the safety of a child or vulnerable adult who is taking part in an activity run by Active Oxfordshire, or in another sporting environment, you can fill out the incident report form or contact a member of staff here.