Support for clubs and coaches during COVID-19

We want to make sure that our vital clubs, coaches and venues have the information and support you need in order to successfully and confidently manage the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic - at a time when getting active has never been so important.

Sport England has released a statement including information and support regarding the phased return to play for grass-roots providers and leisure facilities here:

Sport England has also launched a new £16.5 million fund to support the sport and physical activity sector throughout the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to note, this funding will be primarily available to organisations operating in IMD areas 1 - 3. For more information regarding details about COVID-19 funding opportunities, please see our funding page here.

Sport England has been regularly assessing the impact of COVID-19 on physical activity levels: you can see the results from the surveys here:

Useful resources

In anticipation of the nation transitioning back to the tier system for COVID-19, we are here to provide support, information and resources to Oxfordshire's clubs and coaches. Below you will find a range of information and tools which will support you in reopening as we transition from the national lock down period, back to the tiered system of coronavirus lock down measures.

Sport England have put together some great info-graphics informing the sector of the rules and restrictions relating to sport and physical activity for each national tier.

The government has also issued guidance for providers of grassroots sport and gym leisure facilities:

Club Matters is also producing updated guidance on how best to modify your operations in response to the national lockdown and coronavirus pandemic:

Reactivate is a new, free, online training platform. It is designed to equip anyone working or volunteering in the sport, fitness, leisure or physical activity sectors with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently return to work or restart their coaching activity, once we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown.

Sport England has launched a new national lottery funded campaign aimed at keeping people active either within their homes or outside, safely, during the national lockdown. You may be able to use this resource yourselves or for your members. It includes suggestions and partner resources for how to get active within your home, whether this be for yourself, with your children or with other family members. Find out more here:

Sport England has also developed their Autumn and Winter activity toolkit. This is a collection of resources aimed at helping clubs and coaches to support and motivate their communities to remain active over the next few months. It brings together the latest guidance as well as materials which can be used as standard or modified for personalised use. Find more information and a link to download the toolkit here:

Active Together matched crowdfunding investment

Crowdfunder and Sport England have set up the Active Together scheme, by match funding to help the sport and physical activity sector through the ongoing coronavirus crisis. They are encouraging not for profit organisations who play an important role in keeping their community physically active to get involved. All information about applying or eligibility can be found below.

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