Sports facilities are reopening: support, advice & guidance

Oxfordshire's sports facilities are re-opening!

We are delighted that sports activities are allowed to re-open. After a devastating year, we can't wait to support Oxfordshire to re-start sports and physical activity safely. This marks a huge milestone in helping our Oxfordshire community to get active and sets out a path to improved mental and physical health.

We've outlined some of the key resources available to support the reopening of sports facilities:

Read Sport England's latest advice and FAQ's about the reopening of sports facilities from the 17th of May: here

For a quick and simple overview of what each phase of the lockdown roadmap will mean for our sector, check out a great infographic by UK Coaching: here

For a more in depth explanation of how each phase of the lockdown roadmap will affect sport and physical activity, check the government advice page: here

Sport England has also launched a £16.5 million fund to support the sport and physical activity sector throughout the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to note this funding will be primarily available to organisations operating in IMD areas 1 - 3. For more information regarding details about COVID-19 funding opportunities, please see our funding page here.

Sport England has also been regularly assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on physical activity levels and wellbeing, the reports of which can be found at:

Useful resources

Below you will find a range of information and tools which will support you as we continue to emerge out of lockdown:

Government guidance for providers of grassroots sport and gym leisure facilities:

Club Matters have produced guidance on how best to modify your operations as we prepare to return to play:

Reactivate is a new, free, online training platform. It is designed to equip anyone working or volunteering in the sport, fitness, leisure or physical activity sectors with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently return to work or restart their coaching activity as we emerge from the lockdown.

Sport England has launched a new, national lottery funded campaign aimed at keeping people active either within their homes or outside, safely, during the national lockdown. You may be able to use this resource yourselves or for your members. It includes suggestions and partner resources for how to get active within your home, or in public areas, whether this be for yourself, with your children or with other family members. Find out more here:

UK Coaching have created a fantastic 'Coaching Through Covid' guide for sport and physical activity deliverers. Within the guide, find useful topics such as insurance advice, facilities information and the latest COVID guidance and information relating to the sector.

Active Together matched crowdfunding investment

Crowdfunder and Sport England have set up the Active Together scheme, by match funding to help the sport and physical activity sector through the ongoing coronavirus crisis. They are encouraging not for profit organisations who play an important role in keeping their community physically active to get involved. All information about applying or eligibility can be found below.