Role of Board, Chair, Senior Independent Director (SID)

Role of the Board:

All Trustees must act in the best interests of the organisation, and in a manner consistent with their legal duties. Active Oxfordshire's Board of Trustees oversee the charity and accept ultimate responsibility for shaping the direction of the organisation. They make sure we are well-run and delivering the outcomes we have set out to achieve. The Board of the organisation is:

(a) the ultimate decision-making body and accordingly exercises all of the powers of the organisation;

(b) responsible for setting the strategy of the organisation; and

(c) responsible for maintaining and demonstrating a clear division between the Board's management and oversight role and the executive's operational role.

Role of the Chair:

The chair has an important role in leading the Board and establishing an environment that enables the Board to achieve its potential and secure the long term success of the organisation. As part of this leadership role the chair is involved with; setting the Board's agenda, ensuring the effectiveness of the Board, including how individual directors perform and interact at meetings, ensuring that the directors receive accurate, timely and clear information; ensuring that adequate time is available for discussion of all agenda items, in particular strategic issues; ensuring that Board decisions are executed; promoting a culture of openness and debate amongst the Board; acting as a link between the Board and executive, particularly the chief executive; managing conflicts of interest; taking a lead on governance matters; and setting an example in the values and behaviour, acting at all times in line with the Code of Conduct and Duties agreed by the Board.

Role of the Senior Independent Director (SID)

At Active Oxfordshire the SID is also the Vice-Chair. The role involves; providing a sounding board for the chair; serving as an intermediary for the other directors when necessary; acting as an alternative contact for stakeholders to share any concerns and leading on the process to appraise the chair's performance.