Rosie Rowe Webinar - Healthy place-shaping

The first webinar of the series delivered by Rosie Rowe; Programme Director of the Bicester Healthy New Town. Focused on Healthy Place Shaping.

What is healthy place-shaping?

Healthy place-shaping is a practical mechanism for creating healthier communities though unified planning. 'Healthy place-shaping is a collaborative process which aims to create sustainable, well-designed communities where healthy behaviours are the norm and which provide a sense of belonging and safety, a sense of identity and a sense of community. It is also a means of shaping local services, infrastructure and the economy through the application of knowledge about what creates good health, improves productivity and benefits the economy'


The PowerPoint, videos and webinar recording can be found below.

Due to a technical error the webinar starts 2:05 minutes into the recording.

Webinar password: qMun86NJ