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Yr 7&8 1st Gillott's 2nd Icknield 3rd Cheney

U15 1st Gillott's 2nd Icknield 3rd Marlborough

U14 Boys 1st Faringdon CC 2nd Warriner 3rd Wood Green

U16 Boys 1st Abingdon School 2nd Gosford Hill 3rd Magdalen College

U14 Girls 1st Cherwell 2nd Wood Green 3rd Warriner

U16 Girls 1st Didcot Girls School 2nd Warriner 3rd Wood Green

Secondary Panathlon
1st Kingfisher 2nd Mabel Prichard 3rd Fitzwaryn

Secondary Netball
Year 7 1st Bartholomew 2nd DGS 3rd Gosford Hill

Year 8 1st Faringdon 2nd DGS 3rd Chipping Norton

Year 9 1st Gosford Hill 2nd Cherwell 3rd King Alfred's

Year 10 1st Faringdon 2nd Wallingford 3rd Cherwell

Year 11 1st DGS 2nd King Alfred's Academy 3rd Bartholomew

Cross Country
Year 3 & 4 Boys 1st Buckland 2nd New College Oxford 3rd SS Phil and Jim

Individual 1st Henry (SS Phil & Jim) 2nd Will (The Batt) 3rd (Sibford School)

Year 3 & 4 Girls 1st Whitchurch 2nd Langford Village 3rd St Nicholas

Individual 1st Aoife (Goring) 2nd Isabel (Langford Village) 3rd Poppy (Whitchurch)

Year 5 & 6 Boys 1st Langford Village 2nd St Nicholas 3rd Bure Park

Individual 1st Dillion (Bloxham) 2nd Freddie (New College) 3rd Ollie (Langford Village)

Year 5 and 6 Girls 1st Bure Park 2nd Rush Common 3rd St Nicholas

Individual 1st Tia (St Christophers) 2nd Charlotte (Nettlebed) 3rd Lucy (St Thomas More)

Year 7 Boys 1st Blessed George Napier 2nd Wood Green 3rd St Birinus

Individual 1st Sebastian (St Birinus) 2nd Oliver (Marlborough) 3rd Jacob (Wallingford)

Year 7 Girls 1st Wood Green 2nd Warriner 3rd Marlborough

Individual 1st Poppy (John Mason) 2nd Georgia (Bicester School) 3rd Rhiannon (Wood Green

Year 8 & 9 Boys 1st Blessed George Napier 2nd Marlborough 3rd The Oxford Academy

Individual 1st Ben (Marlborough) 2nd Jaime (Cherwell) 3rd Archie (Gillotts)

Year 8 & 9 Girls 1st Gillotts 2nd Wheatley Park 3rd Wood Green

Individual 1st Millie (Bicester School) 2nd Daisy (Wheatley Park) 3rd Hermione (DGS)

Year 10 & 11 Boys 1st Gillotts 2nd Warriner 3rd Marlborough

Individual 1st Ben (Cooper School) 2nd Adam (Marlborough) 3rd Harry (Gillotts)

Year 10 & 11 Girls 1st Gillotts 2nd Marlborough 3rd Warriner

Individual 1st Nancie (Gillotts) 2nd Morgan (Gillotts) 3rd Anna (Warriner)

Year 12 and 13 Boys 1st Marlborough 2nd Blessed George Napier

Individual 1st Owen (The Oxford Academy) 2nd Zak (Marlborough) 3rd Tom (Cooper School)

Year 12 and 13 Girls 1st BGN

Individual 1st Louisa (BGN) 2nd Natalia (BGN) 3rd Beth (BGN)

Year 5 & 6 1st Deddington 2nd Fir Tree 3rd Wolvercote

Year 7 1st Wallingford 2nd Gosford Hill 3rd Gillotts

Year 8 1st Wallingford 2nd Chipping Norton 3rd Langtree

Sportshall Athletics
Primary 1st Kidmore End 2nd Sonning Common 3rd The Batt

Year 7 Boys 1st BGN 2nd Icknield 3rd Chipping Norton

Year 7 Girls 1st John Mason 2nd Warriner 3rd Wallingford

Year 8 Boys 1st BGN 2nd Wallingford 3rd John Mason

Year 8 Girls 1st Wallingford 2nd Faringdon 3rd Warriner

Primary Panathlon
1st Fitzwaryn 2nd Kingfisher 3rd Endeavour Academy

Primary Boccia
1st Bladon 2nd The Batt 3rd Stanford in the Vale

Small Schools 1st Whitchurch 2nd Brightwell 3rd Standlake

Large Schools 1st Windmill 2nd Long Furlong 3rd Bishop Loveday

Under 13 Girls 1st Oxford Academy 2nd Gosford Hill 3rd Wheatley Park

High 5 Netball
Large Schools 1st The Blake 2nd Trinity 3rd Bloxham

Small Schools 1st South Moreton 2nd Whitchurch 3rd Brize Norton

Secondary Swimming
Year 8 and 9 Boys 1st St Birinus 2nd Burford 3rd Langtree

Year 8 and 9 Girls 1st Cherwell 2nd King Alfred's Academy 3rd Wood Green

Year 10 and 11 Boys 1st St Birinus 2nd King Alfred's Academy 3rd The Cooper School

Year 10 and 11 Girls 1st Burford 2nd Cherwell 3rd Sibford

U13 1st Cheney School 2nd St Birinus 3rd King Alfred's Academy

Key Step 1 1st Thomas Reade 2nd St John the Evangelist 3rd Kingham and Southwold

Individual 1st Imogen (Thomas Reade) 2nd Luna (Thomas Reade) 3rd Lola (Kingham)

Key Step 2 1st Clanfield 2nd Shrivenham 3rd St John's Banbury

Individual 1st Matilda (Clanfield) 2nd Annice Hill View 3rd Elana (Shrivenham)

Key Step 3 1st St John the Evangelist 2nd Clanfield and Stanford in the Vale 3rd Thomas Reade and Longworth

Individual 1st Elodie (Clanfield) 2nd Max (St John the Evangelist) 3rd Vinnie (St John the Evangelist) and Phoebe (Longworth)