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Year 7
1st Gosford Hill 2nd Oxford Academy 3rd Didcot Girls 4th Bartholomew 5th Gillotts 6th Oxford Spires 7th Chipping Norton 8th Faringdon 9th Banbury Academy 10th John Mason

Year 8
1st Icknield 2nd Bicester School 3rd Lord Williams 4th Burford 5th Chipping Norton 6th Gillotts 7th Oxford Spires 8th Fitzharrys 9th Faringdon

Year 9
1st Gillotts 2nd Gosford Hill 3rd Oxford Academy 4th Cherwell 5th Chipping Norton 6th Didcot Girls 7th Burford 8th Blessed George Napier 9th Faringdon 10th Matthew Arnold

Year 10
1st Wallingford 2nd Bicester School 3rd Cooper School 4th Oxford Academy 5th Gillotts 6th Henry Box 7th Cherwell 8th Bartholomew 9th Faringdon

1st Wood Green 2nd Larkmead 3rd The Oxford Academy

1st John Mason 2nd Henry Box 3rd Cooper School

Year 7

1st King Alfred's 2nd Henry Box 3rd Cherwell 4th Faringdon 5th Blessed George Napier 6th Wallingford A 7th Marlborough 8th Wallingford B

1st Blessed George Napier 2nd Cherwell 3rd John Mason 4th Faringdon 5th Marlborough 6th Wood Green 7th Wallingford B 8th Wallingford A

Year 5&6 Girls
1st The Batt 2nd Valley Road 3rd St Nicolas, Vale 4th St Thomas More 5th Bishop loveday 6th The Blake 7th Cholsey 8th St Nicholas, City 9th Thomas Reade 10th Windmill

Year 5&6 Boys
1st Sibford School 2nd Edward Feild 3rd Witney CP 4th St Nicholas, City 5th Valley Road 7th Edith Moorhouse 8th Cholsey 8th Thomas Reade 10th Windmill

Year 7 Girls
1st Didcot Girls 2nd Burford 3rd Faringdon CC 4th Henry Box 5th King Alfred's 6th Cooper School 7th Cherwell 8th Warriner

Year 7 Boys
1st St Birinus 2nd Sibford School 3rd John Mason 4th Cherwell 4th Henry Box 6th Blessed George Napier 7th Wallingford 8th Faringdon CC 9th Marlborough

Mini Red Y3/4
1st Whitchurch 2nd Thomas Reade 3rd Sonning Common

Mini Orange Y5/6
1st Thomas Reade 2nd Bloxham 3rd Checkendon

U13 Boys
1st Matthew Arnold 2nd Cherwell 3rd Wood Green

U13 Girls
1st Matthew Arnold 2nd Cherwell 3rd Cooper School

U15 Boys
1st John Mason 2nd Cheney 3rd Chipping Norton

U15 Girls
1st Blessed George Napier 2nd Cheney 3rd Faringdon

1st Madley Brook 2nd Sunningwell 3rd Blake School 4th St John Fisher 5th St James

Go-Ride Cycling
1st Cherwell A 2nd Bicester School 3rd Marlborough School 4th Gillotts 5th Bartholomew 6th Cherwell B

Quadkids Athetlics
Year 3&4
1st Whitchurch 2nd Larkrise 3rd Woodstock 4th Sonning Common 5th Appleton 6th Thomas Reade 7th The Batt 8th Christopher Rawlins 9th St Nicholas, City 10th Bloxham

Year 5&6
1st Goring 2nd The Batt 3rd St Nicolas, Vale 4th The Blake 5th Long Furlong 6th Bloxham 7th Kidmore End 8th Larkrise 9th St Nicholas, City 10th Hanwell Fields

Year 7
1st John Mason 2nd Chipping Norton 3rd The Warriner 4th Blessed George Napier 5th Gillotts 6th Larkmead 7th Wheatley 8th Cheney 9th Cherwell 10th Bartholomew

Super 6 Athletics
1st Blessed George Napier 2nd Gillotts 3rd Icknield 4th John Mason 5th Lord Williams 6th The Oxford Academy 7th The Warriner School 8th Bartholomew 9th Larkmead 10th Wood Green

1st John Mason 2nd Gillotts 3rd Wallingford 4th Blessed George Napier 5th Bartholmew 6th Lord Williams