Our strategy

In 2020, Active Oxfordshire launched our new Strategic Plan for 2020-2024: Fighting Inactivity, Tackling Inequality. This plan sets out our direction of travel for the next four years, taking into account the devastating impact of COVID-19 and recognising that working together with partners to challenge health inequalities is more vital than ever before.

Our key priorities are Healthy Active Children, Healthy Place Shaping and Healthy for Life. These priorities are at the heart of everything we do.

Governance at Active Oxfordshire

Active Oxfordshire's Governance Statement:

In December 2015 Sport England launched 'A Code for Sport Governance'. This is a mandatory set of requirements for organisations seeking public funding. The Code adopts a tiered requirement approach and Active Oxfordshire falls within Tier 3 which is the top level of governance. There is a strong link between good governance and organisational culture and it is anticipated that the behaviours desired by the code will become embedded in all the organisations funded by Sport England. The code is based on five principles of good governance; structure, people, communication, standards & conduct and policies and processes.

You can read Sport England's Code for Sports Governance here.

Our Company Structure:

Active Oxfordshire is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). This is a relatively new form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom. The main intended benefits of the new Active Oxfordshire are that it has legal personality, the ability to conduct business in its own name, and limited liability. The CIO only needs to register with the Charity Commission and this reduces bureaucracy.

Role of the Board:

All Trustees must act in the best interests of the organisation, and in a manner consistent with their legal duties. Active Oxfordshire's Board of Trustees oversee the charity and accept ultimate responsibility for shaping the direction of the organisation. They make sure we are well-run and delivering the outcomes we have set out to achieve. The Board of the organisation is:

(a) the ultimate decision-making body and accordingly exercises all of the powers of the organisation;

(b) responsible for setting the strategy of the organisation; and

(c) responsible for maintaining and demonstrating a clear division between the Board's management and oversight role and the executive's operational role.

Our Accounts

Openness and transparency

At Active Oxfordshire, we are fully committed to ensuring that every aspect of our work is fully open and transparent. You can access below a selection of our key documents.

Our Annual Reports can be found in our Impact section. If you would like any further information regarding our Strategy and Governance, including access to our board meeting minutes, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Equality Policy

Active Oxfordshire is committed to engaging, involving, promoting and developing people from a diverse range of backgrounds as participants, coaches, officials, administrators and leaders in sport. As part of our dedication to equality in sport we are working towards the Equality Standard, which will enable us to check and challenge current practices and ensure we are engaging all members of the community

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