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Engaging young people in disadvantaged communities through physical activity & managing challenging behaviour

Kelly Burdett and Kate Roberts from Street Games will deliver a webinar Thursday 21st March at 19:15pm - 20:15pm (plus 30 minute Q and A) focused on:

Engaging young people in disadvantaged communities & managing challenging behaviour

  • Be able to identify current levels of sports participation in disadvantaged communities
  • Understand approaches for engaging disadvantaged communities
  • Describe the characteristics of 'hard to reach' young people & how to start engage with them effectively
  • Understanding the reasons for challenging behaviour and tips for managing it

To request a meeting invite contact: ednicholas@activeoxfordshire.org

To help you take part we have created the following tips;

Joining the Webinar:

There are two ways you can join a webinar

1) Through this link: You can click directly on the link to join the meeting from 15 minutes before the start time.

2) Through an invitation to the webinar email: You can add to your calendar and then either join the meeting through the link on the calendar event or through the 'join the meeting' link on the original email with the calendar invitation.

Signing in:

Join meeting will be green when the webinar begins, click on it and enter your name and email address. The button for Join Meeting will then be active and you can click it. You may prefer just to put a first name. Your email address will not be shared or saved. You may need to click "run" to enable webex to work on your computer (this is very quick)

Connect your audio:

This is important so you can hear the webinar! The "connect to audio" option should open automatically. Choose "call using computer" unless you want to dial in from a phone (use the drop down box to choose this and enter your phone number). Then click Connect Audio. Your name (in the participants box) should then have a headset next to it (or a phone symbol if you're calling in)

You can change the volume of your speakers and mic by clicking on the control button with three dots on.

Enjoying and engaging with the Webinar:

  • If you are having trouble you can communicate with us via the chat box. Click on the blue circle with a speech bubble. You can choose to send a message to everyone (this will show in everyone's chat box) or use the drop down box to choose to send the message just to the host etc.
  • At the start we will usually ask you to mute your audio and video
  • If you want to speak you can raise your hand by clicking on the hand icon by your name in the participants box.
  • You can add notes by clicking on the control button with three dots on. These can be saved onto your computer at the end.
  • Webinars will be recorded and promoted afterwards. The recording picks up audio and the chat box (so be aware).

If you have trouble connecting on the day please contact Ed Nicholas on 07741 733770

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